GFriend is boosting up to release their 4th mini album “The Awakening” with the title song of ‘Fingertip’.

The highlight of the music video was uploaded in the official SNS and You tube Channel on March 2nd and was in the limelight right away for their big change. GFriend always performed in a certain style of their own, being powerful in performance and vocal but somehow being cute, shy and girlish. The image of bright young girls was the trademark. Not only their looks and concepts but most of their songs had been building up their image.

Short Glimpse of the Highlights of ‘Fingertips’ by GFriend, Enough to Surprise Fans

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However, in this come back, they completely broke public’s expectation. GFriend had Military looks, looking tough and chic. The performance was also different than before. Moves such as shooting guns fitting the lyrics was shown as a highlight. Not only the moves, but also the music seemed funkier by the elements of rock music.

Coming this March 6th, the new mini album “The Awakening” is to be released.

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