MONSTA X’s Shownu thanked “Lipstick Prince” for landing him a cosmetic brand CF.

On the broadcast of On Style’s “Lipstick Prince” on 16th, Shownu gave out ttoks to everyone in the opening. When the princes asked what this was about, Shownu revealed, “I was able to film a CF thanks to “Lipstick Prince”.”

The casts congratulated him, and Kim HeeChul asked “What is the concept of the CF?”. Shownu replied “Golbin is the trend these days, right? I became Sho-blin and applied makeup on a lady’s face.”, filling the studio with laughter.

 Lipstick Prince broadcasts on On Style every Thursday at 9:00 PM KST.

Shownu Thanks “Lipstick Prince” for Landing Him A Cosmetic Brand CF


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Apr 12, 2019 05:50 pm

Shownu deserve this she is very charming and he can't attractive to the she very hnhandso???????