South Korean news agency News Desk released a report stating that singer Eddy Kim was a participant of Jung JoonYoung's scandalous chat room where the distribution of explicit videos filmed through hidden cameras were taking place.

Mystic Entertainment responded to the reports by saying that they are currently checking with Eddy Kim to verify whether the reports are true.

So far, there have been eight other celebrities who were in the chat room including SeungRi, Jung JoonYoung, KangIn (Super Junior), Yong JunHyung (HIGHLIGHT), Lee JongHyun, Jeong JinWoon, Roy Kim and Choi JongHoon. Out of these celebrities, Jeong JinWoon, KangIn, Lee JongHyun, and Yong JunHyung currently hold statuses as witnesses and not suspects in the investigations.

Stay tuned for updates!


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