Sistar HyoLyn in SXSW Representing K-Pop

HyoLyn of Sistar will be performing in SXSW, South by South West, music festival in U.S starting from March 17th.

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SXSW one of the biggest music festivals around the world, where so many musicians all over the world gather to perform and enjoy. HyoLyn, as a representative of K-Pop, will be on a program called “K-Pop Night Out”. She is preparing a stunning and impressive stages.

After she is done with SXSW, she is moving to L.A and New York and performs in clubs, meeting with her fans in the U.S.

Because she has such a great talent in music and her work, she has been gathering fans not only in Korea, but also from all over the world. Spinning Records, the biggest EDM Recording signed contract with her and this became an official opening door for her to introduce herself to fans. She is now being known as a K-Pop diva for she is playing her part well, getting collaboration offers from many musicians and trying diverse genres.

But it is not only her music talent that lures fans to her. It is the chilled looks she sometimes shows to the public, making us feel more close to her. Recently, she posted her selfie on her Instagram. She had no make up on, but still looked absolutely beautiful.

HyoRin, HyoRin SXSW, HyoRin Instagram, HyoRin U.S, HyoRin of SIstar


Fans all over the world look forward to see her and her great works as an artist as well as her comfy looks and friendly posts as well.

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SISTAR’s Gaon Music Awards Trophy Adds to Their 40+ Awards

SISTAR has accumulated over 40 music ceremonies’ awards with the addition of their recent Gaon Music Awards trophy.

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7 year veteran idols, SISTAR just won the Artist of the Year award from the 6th Gaon Music Awards ceremony held last night. Out of the 12 fellow awarded artists, SISTAR won the award for June just as the summer queens were expected to do. Leader HyoLyn thanked everyone by saying, “Thank you for all the love over the past 7 years. ” She continued to thank her staff and management team, as well as each members’ family members. Their congratulatory performance was just as spectacular as one can imagine from the powerhouse team.

SISTAR’s latest award was granted for their 4th mini-album, “Insane Love” with the title track, ‘I LIKE THAT’. The album was released back in June of 2016, where the powerful, sexy and charismatic signature appeals of the group was ever popular.

Since their debut back in 2010, the group has accumulated over 40 music award trophies, without including the weekly music show program wins.


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SISTAR’s HyoLyn to Participate in “South by Southwest (SXSW)”

SISTAR’s HyoLyn will participate in “South by Southwest” (SXSW) as the Korean representative.

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On 10th, SXSW announced that HyoLyn will be participating in the SXSW conference that will be held in March in Austin, Texas as the Korean representative.

SXSW is a giant festivals and conference that conglomerates film, interactive media, and music, that’s held every year in Austin, Texas. The scale of the event has been increasing since 1987, with more than 2000 teams of musicians from 50 different countries participating in the events. It is a festival that’s one of the top 3 music markets, along with “The Great Escape (TGE)” that’s held in UK, and “MIDEM” that’s held in France.

HyoLyn’s management company stated “We’re honored to have been invited for such a well-known festival as SXSW. We’re planning to prepare as much as we can to promote K-POP. We hope you anticipate and keep an eye out for HyoLyn.”

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