The concept of girl group SixBomb’s new song has been revealed.

According to Pacemaker Entertainment, SixBomb will release a new song “In Process of Becoming Beautiful Before (예뻐지는 중입니다 Before)” digitally and will make their comeback.

New song “In Process of Becoming Beautiful Before” is a song that has a melody that’s easy to sing along. It has a groovy beat with trendy EDM sound, with a dance part in between, catching the ears of the public.

The lyrics reflect how beauty has become important in marriage, work, and dating and how people desire to become more beautiful and handsome.

SixBomb’s new song is part of a long-term project. They will be releasing “In Process of Becoming Beautiful After” next month.

The music video for “In Process of Becoming Beautiful Before” was released early on 6th through their official Facebook. In the MV, SixBomb visited a real plastic surgeon to seriously consult with the surgeon, stirring up plastic surgery rumors.

SixBomb’s new song “In Process of Becoming Beautiful Before” will be released through various music sites on 8th.

SixBomb Stirs Up Controversy with an Unusual Concept

Pacemaker Entertainment

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