When NCT 127's MV for 'Simon Says' was released, some people were quite concerned as the Maori haka prayer was used in the beginning of the MV.

Karlite Rangihau, a researcher at Victoria University in New Zealand, stated

"The particular Māori karakia words used are very empowering and affirmative, respectful words, so if this song is not carrying on that spirit... then they have used it inappropriately."

While some fans of course argued that it was "beneficial" for the Maori culture as NCT would give global exposure.

Nonetheless, it seems SM Entertainment felt that it was best that they apologized in case they offended anyone. The K-Pop entertainment agency recently sent an e-mail over to the researcher stating that their motive behind using the Maori prayer was because of the uplifting words and that they apologize if anyone was offended by its use.


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