SM Entertainment Idols Reaching Their Military Enlistment Deadline

With Super Junior’s SiWon and TVXQ’s ChangMin returning from the military this past week, there’s a whole lot of reason for K-Pop fans to celebrate!

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However, according to recent news, some of their fellow SM Entertainment labelmates should be preparing for enlistment pretty soon. According to a report released by one of South Korea’s top bank holding companies, some members of SHINee and EXO are reaching the age limit that they must enlist by.

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SHINee’s Onew – Mandatory Enlistment Year: 2018

onew shinee



SHINee’s JongHyun- Mandatory Enlistment Year: 2019

shinee jonghyun kpop 2017

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EXO’s Xiumin – Mandatory Enlistment Year: 2019

exo xiumin kpop 2017



SHINee’s MinHo – Mandatory Enlistment Year: 2020

minho shinee kpop 2017



SHINee’s Key – Mandatory Enlistment Year: 2020

key shinee kpop 2017

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EXO’s SuHo – Mandatory Enlistment Year: 2020

suho exo kpop 2017

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TaeYang of BIG BANG Plans to Serve in the Military by Next Year

All men, except for those who are exempted, are to do one’s duty in the military when over 19. Ordinary men serve in the military at around 19 ~25 average, however, for celebs, they have tendency to push the duty until 28~30 because of their busy schedule.

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TaeYang, BIG BANG, TaeYang Concert


TaeYang of BIG BANG has told his plans to serve his time to the country by next year in a concert in Japan. By next year he would be 30 in Korean age and the number 30 is sort of a marginal line.

He said that he is currently working on a new album, the last one before military service. This year, he’d be focusing on his 2nd world tour, which started from this 9th of July. It is known to be his long dream to perform in a stadium since he became a singer. In the latest concerts, he thanked the audience for giving him such opportunity to achieve his dream and sang 18 songs with great energy. 

Though we won’t be seeing much of TaeYang next year, let’s just try to enjoy what he has to give us now.

He’d be having a concert in Japan from August 5th ~ 6th, and in Korea on 26th ~27th of the same month. It’s been three years since he last had his concert in Korea. 

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4 Celebrity Couples Who Date While Waiting For Discharge In Military Service

Here’s 4 female celebrities who are waiting for her boyfriends because of boyfriends’ belated joining in army service. 

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Every Korean male has a duty to serve in military. No exceptions for celebrity couples. In Korean Entertainment, it is common that famous male celebrities enter the army late than other ordinary Korean guys since they want to get popularity as long as they’re younger. So their poor girlfriends should wait for them for about 2 years. let’s check out who should wait for their lovers!

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1. Suzy & Lee MinHo 

Last winter, Lee MinHo entered the army service so they became one of celebrity couples waiting for their lovers. They held a party for celebrating 2 years anniversary and seem to have no problems in love life.

Suzy, Lee MinHo, Kpop couples, 2017 Suzy, 2017 Lee MinHo

JYP Entertainment, MYM Entertainment


2.BoA & JooWon 

On 16th of May, JooWon stated to serve his time in army and automatically his girlfriend BoA should wait for JooWon. Especially, it’s very after they announced their dating so lots of fans expressed sorry for them.

JooWon, BoA, Kpop couple, 2017 BoA

SM Entertainment, Huayibrothers Entertainment


3.Stefanie Michova & Beenzino 

On 29th of May, Beenzino finally entered the army and he released new EP album “Waves Like”.  Stefanie Michova posted a photo and wrote a message “I’ll wait for you” in korean on her instagram.

기다리고 있을게 ?⏱ thank you for your support ❤ D-640

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4. Kim TaeHee & Rain 

Of course, NOW, Rain don’t serve in military service anymore but he was. Their dating scandal also poped out while he was in army and Kim TaeHee had waited for him until the discharge of him. Recently they became mom and dad. 

Rain, Kim TaeHee, 2017 Kim TaeHee, Korean celebrity couple

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