SM Entertainment Triggers EXO Fans By Canceling KSPO Dome Concert

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SM Entertainment Triggers EXO Fans By Canceling KSPO Dome Concert


SM Entertainment

Many EXO fans have been waiting for a long time to see their idol group perform at the KSPO Dome for their EXO Planet 5 tour.

However, it seems that their hopes have been crushed by SM Entertainment as the K-Pop agency reportedly canceled the concert. The heartbreaking news was revealed through the management of the KSPO Dome when a fan contacted the management to ask if the concert was still going to take place.


Fans seem to be disappointed most because even though that the concert was not confirmed, they were hoping that SM Entertainment would get the message that the fans were really wanting the concert to take place.

Below is a tweet uploaded a while back, showing that SM Entertainment actually never confirmed the concert in the first place.


And below are the reactions we’ve been seeing from fans.


What do you have to say to SM? Feel free to share your thoughts!


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Since SM never confirmed that there would be a concert at KSPO in the first place, I wouldn’t blame SM for everything. Even though the company has a bad reputation and all, I don’t think it’s right for fans to get mad at SM for that.
Hopefully afterwards, they will get the message an EXO concert at KSPO.
On another note, if I was the fan asking SM whether there would be a concert or not, I wouldn’t use the word “still” because it infers that there’s actually a concert.