SM X YG Collab In Jungle? NCT’s JaeHyun And iKON’s Song YoonHyung

NCT’s JaeHyun and iKON’s Song YoonHyung are going to join “Law of the Jungle“s new season.

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According to several news, NCT’s JaeHyun and iKON’s Song YoonHyung will appear in SBS reality program “Law of the Jungle” soon. Each of them is belonged to SM entertainment and YG entertainment. Fans are interested already in this perfect visual association in jungle. 

Meanwhile, Kim ByungMan, who played a team leader of “Law of the Jungle”, was decided not to appear in this season due to his injury. After the deep discussion with staffs, he made his mind. Other than JaeHyun and Song YoonHyung, Chu SungHoon, Ryu Dam, Lee TaeGon, Oh JongHyuk and Jung JinWoon planned to go to the jungle. Roy Kim is known to have discussion with staffs on his appearance. This season will be aired in the end of September on SBS. 


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GOT7 Mark, Signs Up for “Law of the Jungle” in New Zealand

Mark of GOT7 has decided to join the  “Law of the Jungle” team, although he is currently performing his new mini album “FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL”.

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GOT7 had a comeback last 13th, with their new album and is being on stages performing. He said that his decision was final, and his friendship with the producer of the program made him decide without hesitation. Fans were delighted to hear the news, for they can see him on stage, as well as on tv, where his personality be shown more. 

He would be joining many diverse girl idols, and a Korean comedian and will be on air this May.

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Uee Chosen as the Final Member of “Law of the Jungle”

Uee, following SoYou of Sistar, EunJi of Apink and Lee KyungKyu, a comedian, is joining the program “Law of the Jungle”.

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Eini Studio

Uee has been on the program last 2014, and adapted well with the jungle. After the show, she said that she had so much fun and she would like to join again. However, she has been constantly busy with dramas and other works, until now.

The public’s view of her joining the team is positive for she is known to be chilled and funny. Fans expect a great chemistry among the four members.

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Apink EunJi Ready to Follow the Law of the Jungle

EunJi of Apink is to join tv program “Law of the Jungle” in New Zealand.

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MBK Entertainment

She would be joining SoYou of Sistar and Lee KyungKyu, a famous comedian in the program, but where they would travel to among the three jungles the producer chose is still unknown. She is not the first member of Apink to join the “Law of the Jungle”. HaYoung was a former member in episode filmed in the Republic of Guinea.

EunJi is known to be one of the powerful idol vocalist with amazing voice, as amazing as her smiles. Fans, as well as the public are fond of her voice, which was the main reason her solo albums were successful from the very first. Not to mention many featuring and collaborations songs as one of her achievement. Also, she also has a reputation in her acting career in several famous television dramas and variety programs.

Fans expect to see her fitting quite well in a jungle since she has such diverse aspects and abilities.

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Choi JongHoon to Head to the Jungle with “Law of the Jungle”

FT Island’s Choi JongHoon will be appearing on “Law of the Jungle”.

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According to sources on 23rd, Choi JongHoon will appear on “Law of the Jungle in Sumatra”. He has confirmed his casting, and is getting ready to head to the jungle.

Gugudan’s Kim SeJeong has also confirmed her appearance on “Law of the Jungle in Sumatra”, along with others like Lee ByungKyu, Jo BoAh, and Kwak SiYang.

“Law of the Jungle in Sumatra” will broadcast in March.

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