SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment have once again chosen not to participate in the male version of "Produce 101".

With production plans for the "Produce 101" boys underway, Mnet has started its recruitment process for possible contestants. Among the most desirable trainees are those from SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment; however, the two K-Pop giants have respectfully declined the invitation to send out their hidden talents.

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An inside expert has stated, "Because the training systems within the two companies are so solid, SM and YG entertainment have found no need to send out their trainees on a show for stardom." JYP had seen a successful result for their trainee, Jeon SoMi through the program; however, the 3rd leg of the K-Pop Triple Giants has yet to fully decide on its participation. The expert continued, "In comparison to female trainees, entertainment labels are doubtful whether the program will be as successful for male trainees. The first show was a tremendous success, but it's difficult to bring in 101 male trainees."

Mnet's "Produce 101" received much love and interest when it aired early this year. The program also birthed the 2016 senstion, I.O.I, who are nominees for this year's Rookie of the Year awards at various ceremonies. The male version of "Produce 101" is set to finish its recruitment by the end of December, start filming in January and air its first episode sometime around February or March of next year.

SM & YG Decide Not to Participate in Male Version of "Produce 101"


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