The big 3 entertainment companies, SM, YG and JYP, have revealed their plans for "Produce 101 Season 2" amid the conflicts between I.O.I members' labels.

About a month ago, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment had both announced that they will not be participating in the second season of Mnet's "Produce 101". The two agencies had declined the offer for the first season as well, so the news didn't come as much of a surprise. However, JYP Entertainment, season 1's 1st place winner and I.O.I center member Jeon SoMi's label, has also announced their intentions to skip out on the male version of the show.

The producers of "Produce 101" had been drawing out the plans for a male version since the duration of the first season. The official teasers have begun, as the recruitment process is on its last leg before finalization. Unfortunately, the recruitment process has been much more difficult for the boy version than the girls. Along with the big 3 labels, other significant labels have declined to join the show. Cube, Big Hit, Woollim, Starship and more have declined the offer.

One source commented that many labels refused to join, because of their already stellar system of idol training. They don't need the extra PR from "Produce 101" in order to successful debut their groups. The source also mentioned that there were conflicts among the labels that had managed the I.O.I members. "I.O.I had a successful year run of promotions, but that year wasn't completely a flower road. There were scheduling problems, contract problems, and some labels didn't even want their trainees to attend the group's last concert," said the source. 
Although it's a good opportunity for smaller labels to get their name out, the process has a lot of conflicts in between."

Produce 101 Season 2 is set to start recording and air sometime in the first half of this year.

SM, YG, JYP's "Produce 101 Season 2" Plans Amid I.O.I Conflicts

YG, SM, JYP & Mnet

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