The production crew of "Reply" Series will produce the drama, "Smart Prison Living" on tvN.

Anyone missing the humorous script and vivid characters of "Reply" drama series? If so, here's a drama which the same drama production crew take part in. 

Moreover, this drama is so unique in the way it portrays the ordinary prison life in Korean Drama. The prison is not a common or popular one for Korean drama so far. But again, Producer Shin WonHo issues challenge to the new world nobody went to. 

Moreover, in this drama, idols' starring is outstanding. You can't wait? Let's check out A to Z of "Smart Prison Living" here!


"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)"

"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)": Cast & Summary



Title: Smart Prison Living / Wise Prison Life / Prison Playbook/ 슬기로운 감빵생활

Genre: Drama, comedy, black comedy

Director:  Shin WonHo

Screenwriter: Lee WooJung, Jung BoHoon

Network: tvN

Runtime: 2017 November 22 ~

Air time: Wed & Thu 21:30

# of Episodes:  16

Language: Korean



The episode drama which depicts people living in the prison, the mysterious place. The super famous baseball player, Kim JeHyuk happens to go to the jail one day.



Park HaeSoo as Kim JeHyuk

Kim JeHyuk's wonderful life turns into opposite and he has to live from the bottom. He was a famous baseball player but becomes a desperate prisoner with the prison uniform.

"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)": Cast & Summary



Jung KyungHo as Lee JunHo

Lee JunHo is an elite prison officer. To JunHo, Kim JeHyuk is someone speical. For some reasons, Lee JunHo knows everything about him and gets mad whenever Kim JeHyuk things pop out.

"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)": Cast & Summary

Management Oreum


Krystal as JiHo

JiHo is a Korean Medical student, who always gets enthusiastic about everything. She is always happy and passionate but sometimes, loses her temper.

"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)": Cast & Summary



Kang SeungYoon as Jean Valjean

Jean Valjean is in and out of the prison like his home because he steals anything whenever and wherever. 

"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)": Cast & Summary



Sung DongIl as Chief Jo

"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)": Cast & Summary

herald pop


Im HwaYoung as Kim JeHee

"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)": Cast & Summary



Choi SungWon as Spot

"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)": Cast & Summary



Jung HaeIn as Captain Yoo

"Smart Prison Living (2017 Drama)": Cast & Summary

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