How did EXO celebrate SuHo's b-day? Why did DaeHyun and ChangSeob meet up? What's going on with HyeLin?

As you can tell, so much has happened within the 4th week of May. We're celebrating more special birthdays, heading out on special trips with our label-mates, finding new friends and old friends, and so much more. We've got it all covered for you in our compilation of some of the hottest Instagram posts of this week!

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We're starting it off with the baddest female around, CL!


CL had us wondering #whereisCL


The WINNER boys donned some sick new haircuts.


Ken found the best place for a quick nap.


The EXO brothers celebrated SuHo’s birthday.


Young K got our hearts beating a mile a minute.


The 3 Main Ladies of YG went on traditional ice cream run.



MONSTA X were so excited to meet their Japanese fans.


iKON’s Culture Store was opened for business.


The Super Junior brothers got together for some good time with good friends.


Buy EunHyuk was like nope.


TaeYeon was totally in love with her SONEs at her Persona tour.


We found a new chemi-ship: SuBin x ChanMi’s maknae line.


JongHyun’s sick new hair color was just what we needed in life.


HyeLin got us questioning the meaning of life.



The 4 hamlets got together, and we saw a rare sight of BTOB, B1A4 and VIXX.


The same went for BTOB & B.A.P for the Napoleon musical.


IlHoon was the best brother who spread his sister’s new track teaser.


We weren’t sure who was cuter – the baby or TaeIl.


The HeeMo couple was reunited and it felt so good.


This mini-KARA happened for all the Kamilias.


ChanYeol learned a new trick.



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