Brothers cheering on brothers. Friends celebrating each other. We're covering everything that happened this week through the eyes of our K-Pop stars.

This week, we were introduced to a lot of bonding. Whether it be blood related or through special bonds of friendships, it seems that our K-Pop stars have their loved ones on their mind. In case you missed it, we've collected a couple of our most favorite K-Pop Instagram posts for the 5th week of May.

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Let's begin with the celebration of SungYeol's own little brother (in both blood & label), DaeYeol.


SungYeol congratulated his younger brother on his first broadcast towards debut.


LEO found a precious treasure in one of his high school phones.


Peniel and Amber were very proud of their signatures.


They also hung out with Ailee, Kevin and more to celebrate Ailee’s b-day.


SoYou thanked all the STAR1 for making their last a moment to remember.


BIGBANG’s official characters Go Blings pigged out at SeungRi’s Aori Ramen.


The young generation stars of singer songwriters joined in for dinner.




We finally saw a 2NE1 x SNSD collab at the Abnormal Summit.


SNSD’s SooYoung was also an abnormal summit with her face goals.


Talking about face goals, MINO’s latest creation....


On another day, WINNER was happily cheering on iKON’s appearance on Inkigayo.


SeoHyun was rocking new bangs for her drama.


The8 was literally the perfection of all things.


ShinDong had worlds to save with his double side kicks.


Zelo introduced his baddest female cousin. Talk about genes!




On the subject of genes. JOO and IlHoon met up for the same promotional cycle.


Nam TaeHyun channeled his inner American Psycho.


MinAh cheered on her good friend No TaeHyun on “Produce 101 Season 2”.


The boys of A.C.E celebrated their long awaited debut.


Lee Hi had a difficult time (but such an adorable time) putting on her headband.


Sunny had a secret to tell.


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