SNS WEEKLY: K-Pop Idol Instagram Posts from 5th Week of May

Brothers cheering on brothers. Friends celebrating each other. We’re covering everything that happened this week through the eyes of our K-Pop stars.

This week, we were introduced to a lot of bonding. Whether it be blood related or through special bonds of friendships, it seems that our K-Pop stars have their loved ones on their mind. In case you missed it, we’ve collected a couple of our most favorite K-Pop Instagram posts for the 5th week of May.

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Let’s begin with the celebration of SungYeol’s own little brother (in both blood & label), DaeYeol.


SungYeol congratulated his younger brother on his first broadcast towards debut.

캭캭 축하함 첫방

A post shared by 이성열 (@leeseongyeol_1991) on


LEO found a precious treasure in one of his high school phones.

고등학교때 택운이 1 ?

A post shared by VIXX LEO 정택운 (@leo_jungtw) on


Peniel and Amber were very proud of their signatures.

We're famous! -amber #llamahack #wearelame

A post shared by Peniel Shin (@btobpeniel) on


They also hung out with Ailee, Kevin and more to celebrate Ailee’s b-day.

#lastnight w/ the birthday girl @aileeonline ?HAPPY BIRTHDAY? #squad ?????

A post shared by Kevin Woo (@kevin_woo1125) on


SoYou thanked all the STAR1 for making their last a moment to remember.


BIGBANG’s official characters Go Blings pigged out at SeungRi’s Aori Ramen.

헤이 거기 baby tell me what you want it say yeah! #RAMEN #wewant #AORIRAMEN #아오리라멘 #Seungri #Goblings #strongbaby

A post shared by GO BLINGS(고블링즈) OFFICIAL (@go_blings) on


The young generation stars of singer songwriters joined in for dinner.

A post shared by Chan Hyuk Lee (@akmuchanhk) on




We finally saw a 2NE1 x SNSD collab at the Abnormal Summit.


SNSD’s SooYoung was also an abnormal summit with her face goals.

Dreams come true_꿈은 이루어진다 #facegoals #소두 ?

A post shared by Sooyoung Choi 최수영 (@hotsootuff) on


Talking about face goals, MINO’s latest creation….

A post shared by MINO (@realllllmino) on


On another day, WINNER was happily cheering on iKON’s appearance on Inkigayo.


SeoHyun was rocking new bangs for her drama.

hello hello? 오늘도 좋은하루 보내용 빠이팅!! have a sweet day?

A post shared by seo ju hyun(seo hyun) (@seojuhyun_s) on


The8 was literally the perfection of all things.


ShinDong had worlds to save with his double side kicks.


Zelo introduced his baddest female cousin. Talk about genes!

ғᴀᴍɪʟʏ ʙᴜsɪɴᴇss

A post shared by @byzelo on




On the subject of genes. JOO and IlHoon met up for the same promotional cycle.


Nam TaeHyun channeled his inner American Psycho.

A post shared by South (@souththth) on


MinAh cheered on her good friend No TaeHyun on “Produce 101 Season 2”.


The boys of A.C.E celebrated their long awaited debut.

데뷔 주 마무으리!!! ? 먹고 힘내서 다음주도 퐈이아? #ACE #Jun #Donghun #Wow #Jason #Chan #선인장 #CACTUS

A post shared by 에이스 A.C.E (@official_a.c.e7) on


Lee Hi had a difficult time (but such an adorable time) putting on her headband.


Sunny had a secret to tell.


SNS WEEKLY: K-Pop Idol Instagram Posts from 4th Week of May

How did EXO celebrate SuHo’s b-day? Why did DaeHyun and ChangSeob meet up? What’s going on with HyeLin?

As you can tell, so much has happened within the 4th week of May. We’re celebrating more special birthdays, heading out on special trips with our label-mates, finding new friends and old friends, and so much more. We’ve got it all covered for you in our compilation of some of the hottest Instagram posts of this week!

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We’re starting it off with the baddest female around, CL!


CL had us wondering #whereisCL


A post shared by CL (@chaelincl) on


The WINNER boys donned some sick new haircuts.


Ken found the best place for a quick nap.

그곳이 편한거니. ?

A post shared by VIXX LEO 정택운 (@leo_jungtw) on


The EXO brothers celebrated SuHo’s birthday.

리더형 생일파티는 함께해야지 사랑해 생일축하해 수호❤

A post shared by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on


Young K got our hearts beating a mile a minute.

Good Afternoon?

A post shared by DAY6 (@day6kilogram) on


The 3 Main Ladies of YG went on traditional ice cream run.



MONSTA X were so excited to meet their Japanese fans.


iKON’s Culture Store was opened for business.


The Super Junior brothers got together for some good time with good friends.

good day for good friends.

A post shared by SIWON CHOI (@siwon1987) on


Buy EunHyuk was like nope.

나도 뽀샵했어 사랑해 멤버들? #superjunior #sj #슈퍼주니어 #슈주

A post shared by Eunhyuk (@eunhyukee44) on


TaeYeon was totally in love with her SONEs at her Persona tour.


We found a new chemi-ship: SuBin x ChanMi’s maknae line.


JongHyun’s sick new hair color was just what we needed in life.

난 침대양

A post shared by @jonghyun.948 on


HyeLin got us questioning the meaning of life.


A post shared by Hea Lini Seo_exid (@hyeliniseo) on



The 4 hamlets got together, and we saw a rare sight of BTOB, B1A4 and VIXX.


The same went for BTOB & B.A.P for the Napoleon musical.

창섭이형이랑 #뮤지컬 #나폴레옹 #뮤지컬나폴레옹

A post shared by DaeHyun (@dh_jung_bap) on


IlHoon was the best brother who spread his sister’s new track teaser.


A post shared by michael (@ilhoonmj) on


We weren’t sure who was cuter – the baby or TaeIl.

삔도 귀엽고 옷도 귀엽고 신발도 귀엽고 다 귀여워 ~~~~~

A post shared by 이태일 (@2taeil2) on


The HeeMo couple was reunited and it felt so good.

?? #아는형님 #트와이스 #TWICE #MOMO #SIGNAL

A post shared by Kim Hee Chul (@kimheenim) on


This mini-KARA happened for all the Kamilias.


ChanYeol learned a new trick.

좋아..많이 늘었어

A post shared by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on



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This week we’re celebrating birthdays, amazing transformations, mistaking people or people and so much more!

The 3rd week of May was definitely full of reminiscent moments that we can’t miss out on. Whether it be reflecting on your birthdays, last broadcast filming or just anything – our favorite idols keep us in the loop through Instagram posts. As always, we bring you up to date with what happened this week in the K-SNS world!

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Did you know…..?


L asked everyone to tune into his role of a beggar.

오늘 밤 10시 군주 많은 시청 부탁드려요~~^^ #군주 #군주가면의주인

A post shared by L.KIM (@kim_msl) on


MONSTA X finally released their official lightstick and it’s sick.


Meanwhile, the two manliest MONSTA X members were just nerds.

#몬스타엑스#셔누 #아이엠 ?? #tokyo_facebook #SHOWNU #IM #MONSTA_X #MONSTAX #MONSTAGRAM #몬스타그램

A post shared by OFFICIAL MONSTA X (@official_monsta_x) on


When you see it.

'16 우리의 실험실

A post shared by 해솔 김 (@ziont) on


Jessi proved she’s got it even with the youngest of her fans.

Omg my heart ? #hisreaction all for one picture… he ran so fast… i can't…. ?? 심쿵 ?❤️

A post shared by Jessi 제시 (@jessicah_o) on



Zico blinged up his teeth lit and on point.


A post shared by 지아코 (@woozico0914) on


The Apink Noonims were up to their usual tricks on Knowing Bros.

아는누님 얼굴바꾸기?‍?‍?‍?

A post shared by Hayoung (@o_h_y_y) on


SEVENTEEN closed up their last episode and it was tears.


Tiffany’s always happiest when covered in pink.


A post shared by tiffany ? (@xolovestephi) on


TaeYang celebrated his b-day with a throwback to our ‘young bae’.

Young Bae

A post shared by TAEYANG (@__youngbae__) on



YoungJi Hur celebrated her 1000th day since debut!

#데뷔1000일 #youngji1000 #박터졌네

A post shared by 허영지 (@young_g_hur) on


VARSITY was honored and so excited for their 1st Music Bank event.


HyeRi asked her 1988 crew – “How are you?”


A post shared by 혜리 (@hyeri_0609) on


Photographer Rose took a stunning photoshoot of Lisa in her BIGBANG spirit.


YuGyeom revealed a sneak peak into his new work for iGOT7s.

#igot7❤️? #작업중

A post shared by KYUM (@yu_gyeom) on


Our kiddy leader was having the time of her life backstage of her solo concert tour.

ㅇ ㅣㅇ ㅑ? #tysone #taiwan #personaasiatour

A post shared by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on



Park Kyung wondered what he’d look like in his previous lifetime.

예전 유럽에서 귀족으로 태어났다면?

A post shared by KYUNG PARK (@qkrrud78) on


We mistook Kevin as Jay.

A post shared by Kevin (@kevinkim88) on

#aomg #h1ghrmusic #followthemovement

A post shared by $hway BUM Park 박재범 (@jparkitrighthere) on


We mistook Thunder as Dara in male clothes.

영화 끝.. 앨범 작업 재개.. thank you for everything

A post shared by 천둥 THUNDER (@whatifthunder) on

퇴근!!! ✌?????????

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on


EunKwang was goals in every way possible.


GaYoon celebrated her birthday in her signature style. Elegance.


China’s Running Man featured every aspect that we love about Jackson.


SNS WEEKLY: K-Pop Idol Instagram Posts from 2nd Week of May

What’s been going on in the K-Pop world? Let’s take a look through this past week’s Instagram picks!

From the hottest trips abroad to the most important dates of an adult’s life – so much has happened over this past week. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, because we’re going to get you caught up to date with our favorite Instagram posts.

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Let’s start off with some inspirational posts of our favorite idols voting for their new President!


We saw some dutiful idols getting their two cents in to the 2017 presidential election.

‪난생첨으로 "혼자가서" 투표했어요 ????‬ #bom #박봄 #2ne1 #朴春

A post shared by 박봄 (@newharoobompark) on

저녁8시까지. 꼭투표하세요♡ 신분증지참!

A post shared by @ssozi_sojin on


A post shared by michael (@ilhoonmj) on

일어나자마자 투표했습니다?

A post shared by KYUNG PARK (@qkrrud78) on

비가 많이 오니까 우산 꼭 챙기세요! #투표

A post shared by b1a4 jinyoung (@jinyoung0423) on



K.A.R.D’s BM got his tan on, and we were thirsty af.

H-Town was Lit!

A post shared by BM비엠 (@bigmatthewww) on


Then the whole fam went for a morning swim and it was goals.

Morning swim with the fam?#LGG6 #KARD in #LOSANGELES #m2 #KARDsSECRET #BARREL

A post shared by BM비엠 (@bigmatthewww) on


Tiffany was partying it up at Coachella, LA & 1st Look got it all.


A post shared by " Tiffany " ?✨ (@xolovestephi) on


A post shared by " Tiffany " ?✨ (@xolovestephi) on


Key took his babies clothes shopping.

A post shared by KEY (@bumkeyk) on


HimChan gave the most exclusive throwbacks to his underground past.


A post shared by Himchan (@chanchanieeeeee) on



MinAh arrived and absolutely loved it in New York.

A post shared by @bbang_93 on


YoungJi took a selfie with her celeb friend… wait it’s her gorgeous sister.

사랑하는언니 내가많이사랑해♥ #허자매 #힘내자 #사랑해 #최고야언니가 @songvelying

A post shared by 허영지 (@young_g_hur) on


Secret Agent DaeHyun of the mud mask team was on alert.


DIA and ChaeYeon wants to treat you to Burger King.


SeungHoon borrowed his older brother’s clothes.

형 옷 빌려줘서 고마워 잘입었어 #balenciaga

A post shared by 이승훈 (@maetamong) on

패셔너블한 형 트렌디한 형 돈많은 형 멋진 형 세 형 #양

A post shared by 이승훈 (@maetamong) on



The IU x SeulOng reunion happened, and we wanted another collaboration.

조용히 보내려한 생일에 케익,선물까지 들고 깜짝 등장해준 넌 진짜 짱이유 🙂 ㅋ

A post shared by 임슬옹 Lim Seul Ong (@lsod.d) on


Two FT Islandettes gathered together for a flight out.


A post shared by 이재진 (@saico0111) on


The VARSITY boys were pretty in pink.


Luna tried on a new hairstyle, and honestly it slayed.

– Ryan ?? 라이라이라이언

A post shared by Luna 루나 (@hermosavidaluna) on


A special 2PM brother came out to support his DAY6 brothers.

'귀한분' #사실은우리팬 #고마워요형

A post shared by DAY6 (@day6kilogram) on



Kim Juna hopped back onto Instagram to grace us with her daily looks.


DuJun was daddy goals.


A post shared by Dujun Yoon (@beeeestdjdjdj) on


The 1991 line reunion happened at JoKwon’s new cereal bar.


Evelyn was sooo excited to see Somi pick her up from school.


BTW, the Unnies just dropped their new single – ‘Right?’

#unnies2 #맞지 올킬!!?? No.1 감사해요 사랑해요^^

A post shared by MINZY (@_minzy_mz) on


Jackson celebrated his 6 million followers!

—————————————————————6M 됬다니?! 아침에 일어나자마자 깜놀 .. 6M 보고 잘못된줄 …? 지금 화장 안했지만 면도 도 안했지만 그것보다 더 중요한것은 감사한다는 말이에요. 이렇게 많은 사람들 저를 알아줘서 너무 고마워요 ? 진심으로 감사하고 더 멋진 잭슨 더 큰 사람 될게요 ??? —————————————————————6M?!早上起来吓了我一跳? 以为是哪里出错误了?虽然现在妆都没有化,胡子都没有刮,但是现在这些不重要,更重要的是想谢谢你们。 非常感谢你们❤️,能够认识我王嘉尔这个人,同时也会更努力做好自己,一定会做到。谢谢你们!感谢,感恩。??? —————————————————————6M?! I was so shocked this morning when I saw it? At first, I thought something went wrong with Instagram? I was staring at the screen for more than five minutes… ?? even though I didn't put on my make up, nor did I shave yet, but what's more important now is me saying thank you to you all. Thank you so much for knowing me, and Imma try harder and harder to become a better Jackson, keep challenging myself to the limit. Thank you so much??? ————————————————————–#jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #6M #thankyousomuch #workharderandharder #abetterJackson #love #항상고마워요 #谢谢你们 #做好自己 #메이컵못해서면도못해서죄송합니다 #쏘리ㅠ머리그렇게묶고자서그랬어요

A post shared by Jackson Wang 王嘉爾 왕잭슨 (@jacksonwang852g7) on


And Dara met up with YouTube… so are we expecting a YouTube Red x Dara video?!

Youtube & Dara goods meeting ??

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on



SNS WEEKLY: K-Pop Idol Instagram Posts from 1st Week of May

It’s a brand new week and that means brand new adventures of our favorite K-Pop idols on Instagram!

This week was important for many reasons. One, we celebrated the birthdays of some of the sweetest idols. Two, we celebrated the comeback of some of our favorite soloists. Third, we celebrated one of the most important dates in history – the voting of the next President of Korea! Check out who were the early birds at the poll booths this week.

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The GOT7 brother celebrated BamBam’s special day.

? 민망 ㅋㅋ

A post shared by BamBam (@bambam1a) on

내 친구 뱀이 진심으로 생일 축하한다?

A post shared by KYUM (@yu_gyeom) on


Meanwhile, the VICTON brother celebrated SeJun’s special day.


ByungChan also enjoyed a date with himself.


SoMin introduced the brand new J.Seph ft. Blondes have more fun.

시차적응중인 제이셉씨?

A post shared by K.A.R.D 소민 (@somin_jeon0822) on


JongHyun gifted not just one but two signed CDs to his collaboration noona.

명반을 선물받았다 그것도 두장이나?? #Lonely #종현 #소품집

A post shared by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on



We all wanted to hang out at HyunA’s practice for Triple H.


A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on


MinAh brought the club life to her.

요즘 음악 잘트는 mepci 클럽갈 필요 없네 ?

A post shared by @bbang_93 on


SoHye found and reminisced a celebration poster for I.O.I’s 1st anniversary.


BLACKPINK were fab goals for their latest CF filming.


SoYou introduced her two new friends.

내친구들을 소개할게 얼룩이와 개구리얏??

A post shared by @soooo_you on



Park Kyung hung out with Wiz Kahlifa this past Wednesday.

With Wiz khalifa?

A post shared by KYUNG PARK (@qkrrud78) on


JYP wanted everyone to know that his fans are his backbone.


SeungRi wanted all V.I.Ps to get their butt to YouTube Red to see BIGBANG’s latest camping expedition.

#runbigbangscout #youtubered 지금 바로 시청하세요 .

A post shared by Lee seung ri (@seungriseyo) on


Lastly and most importantly, our favorite stars went out to vote for the Korean Presidential Election!

소중한 한 표가 대한민국의 미래입니다! #사전투표

A post shared by Sungjong_infinite (@ssongjjong.ifnt) on

꼭 투표합시다!

A post shared by 혜리 (@hyeri_0609) on

대한민국 파이팅 !! #사전투표

A post shared by 남우현 (@nwh91) on