At the same time, SNSD and Jessica will comeback in August. Is it going to be win-win or just competition?

It's been 10 years after SNSD's debut in 2007. SNSD's members and Jessica are going to comeback at the similar term for celebrating 10th anniversary. Fans are keeping their eyes on competition between them and how each of them celebrates the 10th year anniversary. In august, Jessica will face off SNSD on music charts. This will be the first time for Jessica, who left SNSD in 2014 and started to have solo activities to appear in the same time with SNSD's appearance. 

SNSD is going to release the 6th album in August and it's been 2 years after the 5th album "Lion Heart". SNSD has made plenty of hit songs and sensation in K-Pop world, however, in 2014 due to Jessica's withdrawal, it seemed inevitable for SNSD to avoid the K-Pop girl groups' crisis either. Despite of all those concerns, SNSD succeeded to comeback with 'Lion Heart' after that. 

Jessica also will comeback with her mini album on 3rd of August. Jessica hasn't appeared in many TV programs or music programs as actively as other SNSD's members. However, she is establishing her own music color and got a sole position as a solo artist. Both of Jessica and other SNSD's members all started together at the beginning, but they happened greet 10th anniversary apart. 


"SNSD's 10th Anniversary" Jessica Also Accelerates To Comeback In August

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"SNSD's 10th Anniversary" Jessica Also Accelerates To Comeback In August

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