SNSD SeoHyun to Come Back with a Solo Album

SNSD‘s SeoHyun will release a solo album in mid-January.

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According to sources, SeoHyun will be coming back to the music industry with a solo album. It’s known that she’s working on its final touches right now, and the release date is being negotiated with the Lunar New Year’s holidays coming up.

SeoHyun will become the fourth member to release a solo album, following TaeYeon, Tiffany, and HyoYeon. She originally was planning to release the album in the end of 2016, but due to several circumstances, it was pushed back to January 2017.

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SNSD, EXO…SM Artists as Your Personal Secretary?

SM Entertainment will be participating in “Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES 2017)” that’ll take place in Las Vegas on 5th-8th.

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They will be having a SM only exhibition hall on the second floor of Sands Expo, with the theme of “Lifestyle with Celebrities”. SM will announce “Wyth Prototype Concept” that mixed celebrity and AI. They hope to find device and service platform companies that will collaborate with them, with SM providing the celebrity, content, and device designs. 

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In this exhibition, SK C&C Watson based “Aibril Wyth Watson” and “Celebrity AI Assistant (Speaker)” mode that was combined with celebrity contents  will also be showcased. “Celebrity AI Assistant” used voice recordings of various SM artists such as EXO and SNSD.  Prototype can only be used in English, and its usages include telling the weather, schedule management, playing music, and even simple conversations. 

With this chance, SM Entertainment hopes for more collaborations with global companies. They will reveal the product concepts of “Wyth AI Assistant” step by step starting with this exhibition.

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SM Ent.

SNSD Tiffany Takes Over Billboard Charts and More with “Don’t Speak” MV

SNSD’s Tiffany and electronic group Far East Movement released the music video of “Don’t Speak”.

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“Don’t Speak” is a song from “IDENTITY”, an album featuring many artists from around the world, such as EXO’s ChanYeol, Jay Park, Yoon MiRae, SISTAR HyoLyn, Loco, Urban Zakapa and others from Korea, as well as Souljaboy, Macy Gray, and more.

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The song swept through the Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian iTunes charts. Originally, there were no plans to produce a music video for this song, but Far East Movement and Tiffany showed great interest in doing so, and so, it was produced.

Far East Movement, who had earlier shown the harmony of East and West through “Freal Luv” with EXO’s ChanYeol, showed the unique mixture of East and West again with Tiffany in “Don’t Speak”. The music video mixed trendy electronic sounds with its use of Asian props, bringing out a peculiar mixture of East and West in its video production.

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 With their original electro dance music genre songs and collaboration with Korean artists, Far East Movement’s album “IDENTITY” encompasses various genres of music, increasing the quality of the album. After its release, it had placed number 1 in the American iTunes chart, as well as placing first and second in Taiwan, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

“Don’t Speak” featuring Tiffany can be watched on various online music websites and YouTube.