SNSD’s SooYoung to Participate in a Charity Bazaar

SNSD’s member SooYoung will be holding a charity bazaar and concert.

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On 13th, SooYoung will be holding “Beaming Effect” charity bazaar and concert at SMTOWN THEATRE Samsung-dong,Seoul. All profits from the bazaar, along with the kakaostory funding project that’s being done since December 20th, will be donated.

In the bazaar, that will be held from 3-5PM, there will be items like eco bag SooYoung herself designed, and personal items like shoes and clothes that SooYoung herself owned. “SMile”, composed of SM Entertainment employees, will also participate in this bazaar.

“Beaming Effect Charity Concert” that will be held from 8PM onwards is a concert to thank those who participated in the kakaostory funding and also to thank those who participated in the bazaar. Various artists, including Yoon DoHyun, Eric Nam, SNSD’s Tiffany, musical actor Kim JaeBum, and Choi SooJin, will be making talent donations,

SooYoung’s Kakakostory Funding project has started last December, and will continue till February 10th. Supports from the funding project and all profits from the bazaar will be donated.

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SM Entertainment

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SNSD SeoHyun to Come Back with a Solo Album

SNSD‘s SeoHyun will release a solo album in mid-January.

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According to sources, SeoHyun will be coming back to the music industry with a solo album. It’s known that she’s working on its final touches right now, and the release date is being negotiated with the Lunar New Year’s holidays coming up.

SeoHyun will become the fourth member to release a solo album, following TaeYeon, Tiffany, and HyoYeon. She originally was planning to release the album in the end of 2016, but due to several circumstances, it was pushed back to January 2017.

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SNSD, EXO…SM Artists as Your Personal Secretary?

SM Entertainment will be participating in “Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES 2017)” that’ll take place in Las Vegas on 5th-8th.

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They will be having a SM only exhibition hall on the second floor of Sands Expo, with the theme of “Lifestyle with Celebrities”. SM will announce “Wyth Prototype Concept” that mixed celebrity and AI. They hope to find device and service platform companies that will collaborate with them, with SM providing the celebrity, content, and device designs. 

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In this exhibition, SK C&C Watson based “Aibril Wyth Watson” and “Celebrity AI Assistant (Speaker)” mode that was combined with celebrity contents  will also be showcased. “Celebrity AI Assistant” used voice recordings of various SM artists such as EXO and SNSD.  Prototype can only be used in English, and its usages include telling the weather, schedule management, playing music, and even simple conversations. 

With this chance, SM Entertainment hopes for more collaborations with global companies. They will reveal the product concepts of “Wyth AI Assistant” step by step starting with this exhibition.

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