SNSD SooYoung Is Searching For New Company?

SooYoung recently had a meeting with an entertainment company.

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SNSD‘s SooYoung is one of the members who was known not to re-sign with SM Entertainment. Lately, it was revealed that SooYoung had a meeting with a new company, ECHO GLOBAL GROUP,  where Daniel Henney belongs to. 

ECHO GLOBAL GROUP made an official announcement that “It’s true that SooYoung had a meeting with us because the CEO of the company has been acquainted with her” on October 17th. However, they didn’t make a contract. The staff of ECHO GLOBAL GROUP said, “The news claiming that she is under exclusive contract with our company is totally groundless. We didn’t discuss contract concretely yet. There’s nothing fixed”. 

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SM Entertainment


ECHO GLOBAL GROUP is a company which Daniel Henney works with and took charge of Claudia Kim who entered Hollywood. Meanwhile, SooYoung didn’t re-sign with SM Entertainment and other members, SeoHyun and Tiffany did not as well. 

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What SooYoung of SNSD Doesn’t Like About Her Members

After SNSD had their huge comeback, they’ve been spending awful busy time being on TV variety shows and music programs. One of the TV shows where all of the members were invited was “Knowing Brother”.

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Before they get to games or certain activity they’ve prepared, the guests talk about themselves first. They write down their own profile and explain their answers to their hosts. While they are explaining, the hosts of the program throw them some side line questions. 

It was SooYoung‘s moment to explain herself to the Knowing Brothers. She talked about the little things she hated about her members. You know, the little things that our friends do to annoy us, nothing big, but just those little unbearable details:p

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Anyways, she started off with Sunny. She hated Sunny when she talked cute or at least pretend to be a baby when she talked. Next was Tiffany and she had the same offense with Sunny. SooYoung pointed out the huge ribbon Tiffany wore alone that day. It was the biggest ribbon in the history of Knowing Brother’s uniform! Tiffany refuted back “If you get jealous then you lose!” but did not affect her anyhow. 

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The third one on her plate was HyoYeon. Before SooYoung said anything, HyoYeon, who believed that the best defense is attacking first, said, “I don’t like your existence!!”. That did not stop her from continuing on, however. She talked about how much HyoYeon is obsessed with shading in makeup and she didn’t like to see her being so obsessive over small details. 

Knowing Brother, Knowing Brother SNSD, SNSD, SooYoung, Tiffany, Sunny, TaeYeon, YoonA, SNSD 2017 Comeback, Holiday Night


The next turn was YoonA, where she had a hard time finding fault. HyoYeon helped SooYoung to find faults by saying, “If you don’t say anything about YoonA, that’s just bias!” SooYoung finally found her fault which was YoonA worrying over gaining weight. Then HyoYeon popped up again saying, “I hate it when both skinniest girls say these stuff.” 

Knowing Brother, Knowing Brother SNSD, SNSD, SooYoung, Tiffany, Sunny, TaeYeon, YoonA, SNSD 2017 Comeback, Holiday Night


Her last target was TaeYeon. She had no hesitancy in saying, “I hate her fair white skin.” She continued on, “If we take a selfie together and add-on filters, TaeYeon gets whiter but I don’t.”

Knowing Brother, Knowing Brother SNSD, SNSD, SooYoung, Tiffany, Sunny, TaeYeon, YoonA, SNSD 2017 Comeback, Holiday Night


SooYoung had details of annoyance that we have to our friends, didn’t she? A relationship cannot be defined close if it doesn’t include being annoyed with faults of each other but still sticking together!

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Tiffany of SNSD Plans to Study Acting in U.S Afterwards

SNSD is performing their 10th-anniversary comeback these days and fan cannot be happier than ever.

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It’s been a long time since 8 members came together as a whole and there were some ups and downs after Jessica‘s withdrawal. However, they have firmly gone through the tough times and are celebrating their big comeback. 

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yoong_xox Twitter

After this big comeback period is over, Tiffany will be heading to U.S to study acting. She said that she has always wanted to study the field, and this may be the right time to do so.  There wasn’t anything said about the period she’d be gone, however, there shouldn’t be any worries about the team falling apart. 

A lot of people raised questions of whether all SNSD members would re-signing their contracts with SM Entertainment.But one can say for sure, SNSD is not just an ordinary group. They have grown to a large brand and their disbandment would bring a huge effect on K-Pop.

All members of SNSD, as well as the entertainment, carry some heavy responsibility in the industry, and therefore, disbandment won’t be chosen so easily. Though there wasn’t any news about all members resigning contracts, it seems like a natural order for them to do so.

All critics, as well as fans, believe that they will keep going with their work in K-Pop, and 10th year isn’t something even close to the end. 

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YoonA of SNSD Keeps Her Promise with Im SiWan and Visits the Army

It’s a mandatory duty for Korean man to serve a certain time in the military. During their service, guests may visit them shortly. However those who actually visit the army are very limited. Since the camps are in far deep provinces, only family members, best best friends or girl friends visit them. Even family members don’t really visit them after sometimes have passed.

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Among the celebrities who went to serve the army, Im SiWan was the latest celeb to join. His current broadcasting drama “The King Loves” was all filmed before broadcast, so he was able to join the army although we still see him on TV.  

YoonA , on “Happy Together” spoke about her drama and her promise to SiWan when he goes to the army. She promised Siwan to visit him during his service with other actors and staff. Her promise may seem nothing much, but it’s really a big deal to be visiting someone in service.

So, Do you think she kept her promise?

Yim SiWna, YoonA, YoonA Drama, Yim SiWan Drama, Korean Drama, The King Loves, Yim SiWan Army

Kim JungWook Instagram

YoonA and the the drama staff, including Hong JongHyun, Oh MinSeok an other actors have visited SiWan in his army camp and they have posted a picture to prove it! It is known that the staffs, actors and actresses keep in touch with each other because they’ve got so close during their filming.

Though dramas take a long time to shoot, not all crews get together so well even after the drama is finished. Well, guess  “The King Loves” crew really had a great vibe during their shoot. 

Im SiWan will be released from the army in 2019, April. Until then! Fans, write him some letters to cheer him up!

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Here’s Why SNSD’s Performance At DMZ K-Pop Concert Was Edited Out

Fans missed the absence of SNSD‘s performance at DMZ K-Pop Concert on the broadcasting version.

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August 15th, plenty of representative K-Pop stars like BTOB and MAMAMOO appeared in the edited version of DMZ K-Pop Concert on MBC. However, SNSD, whose appearance was planned, didn’t appear in the broadcasting version and it made controversy. Even right before the broadcasting of DMZ K-Pop Concert started, MBC official twitter promoted the SNSD’s appearance. So fans who couldn’t watch SNSD’s stage on TV expressed their embarrassing emotion toward them. Till the end of the broadcasting, SNSD’s performance didn’t be aired and then fans raise question about it. 

Regarding these reactions, MBC revealed, “SM Entertainment asked us to edit out SNSD’s performance on the edited version to be aired on TV. Under the agreement between SM and MBC, we eliminated SNSD’s part”. Despite of MBC’s explanation, controversy among fans don’t seem to be calm down. That was the one of a few stages aired on TV of SNSD during very short term to have comeback activites. 




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