Yesterday, on the 18th, idol group Snuper and other WIDMAY artists participated in Salvation Army Donation Pot Event in Myeongdong.

In this event, MC-ed by announcer Kim HyunWook, many fans showed up to see WIDMAY actors and Snuper, and many people participated in the donation. Snuper especially presented “It’s Raining” stage for those who came despite the cold weather, heating up Myeongdong. And adding on warmth to this heat, the collected money from this event will be donated.

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“We are thankful that many participated despite the cold weather. Since it’s a project for a good cause, we hope it will become more well-known so that more people can participate in the donation.”, said Snuper. Snuper is currently performing activities with their title song “It’s raining”.

Snuper Participates in a Meaningful Donation “We Hope Many More Participate”



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