Idol group SNUPER’s member Sangil will appear on Han SeungYeon’s Japanese music video.

On 30th, WIDMAY Entertainment announced, “SNUPER’s Sangil participated in Han SeungYeon’s first Japanese mini album, “Universe-kun.”. He was selected as the main male casting of the music video, and has finished its recording.”

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Sangil became the male leading role, and acted like the “Universe” guy Han SeungYeon liked, showing a lovely couple acting with her.

The two, with their sibling-like chemistry, added onto the warmth and with the new and original hallyu celebrities joining up, many are wondering what kind of music video was created.

Sangil said “It’s an honor to be able to appear on Han SeungYeon sunbaenim’s music video. I think it was more meaningful that it’s a music video for her first Japanese solo mini album.”

Group SNUPER is currently preparing for the concerts in Japan next month.

SNUPER Sangil to Appear on Han SeungYeon’s Music Video


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