Girl’s Day Sojin was too honest.

She appeared on the thirsday show, Happy together, on Nov 26. She is a leader of Girl’s Day and, actually, the age gap between her and other members is quiet big. Thus, she has been often misunderstood as the oldest of the currently active idol girls in Korea. The Happy Together Mcs asked her if she is the oldest idol, and she answered ‘no’ with a little comment that there is Narsha, who is the super oldest. However, she admitted that she is still old comparing to other idols, so the Girl’s Day members sometimes call her “mom”. Age does not matter. The two girls are still young and beautiful. Narsha would not have cared much about being called ‘the oldest idol’ because she is cool. But, Sojin, don’t do it frequently.

Sojin Targeted Narsha. “She Is The Oldest Idol!”

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