Sojin Targeted Narsha. “She Is The Oldest Idol!”

Girl’s Day Sojin was too honest.

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She appeared on the thirsday show, Happy together, on Nov 26. She is a leader of Girl’s Day and, actually, the age gap between her and other members is quiet big. Thus, she has been often misunderstood as the oldest of the currently active idol girls in Korea. The Happy Together Mcs asked her if she is the oldest idol, and she answered ‘no’ with a little comment that there is Narsha, who is the super oldest. However, she admitted that she is still old comparing to other idols, so the Girl’s Day members sometimes call her “mom”. Age does not matter. The two girls are still young and beautiful. Narsha would not have cared much about being called ‘the oldest idol’ because she is cool. But, Sojin, don’t do it frequently.

sojin narsha

EXO D.O and Girls’ Day Sojin dating rumors resurface

D.O is going out with a female idol 7 years his senior?! D.O, a member of EXO, dating rumor with Sojin, a member of Girls’ Day. EXO’s D.O(22) was found out to be dating Sojin(27) by Korean netizens. All these happend with last five month. The dating rumor was started from the pictures at fishing hole. Korean netizens insist that they are sneaking for these reasons.

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1. In the fishing hole

do sojin facts

In pictures, the man is wearing shorts with millitary pattern. This clothes have been frequently seen by another member of EXO. Before he take a picture, D.O always has a habit to raise hand on his heart. Also, he is wearing the same shoes(NIKE Lunarglide 6) that he already has./p>

do sojin facts


→ EXO fans argue that he was not there and this day D.O went to Gangneung in South Korea. Unfortunately, this picture was later proved to be a photo of internet shopping mall.  

do sojin facts

2. Couple Ring

do sojin facts

He has been wearing a ring  since May 31,2014. After two days, Sojin wore the same ring with D.O.


– Forefinger in sound wave pattern

– Ring finger in plain pattern



– Forefinger in plain pattern

– Ring finger in sound wave pattern


3. Couple Running Shoes

do sojin facts

On October 3, D.O at the airport / On September 28, Sojin at the airport



do sojin shoes


4. The Song ‘All of me’

do sojin all of me

Sojin sang a song at the her 1st Summer Party Concert. Several weeks later, D.O stated that the song,’All of me’,  is his most favorite song. 


5. Sojin mentioned about her first love live in Gwangjin-gu


[14:08 ~ 14:34]

Sojin mentioned Gwangjin-gu when talking about her first love. Dorm of EXO was in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Even she lived in Daegu until 24 years old. She is mindful of D.O? 


6. On the same day, D.O and Sojin in Dream Concert

do sojin facts

do sojin facts

(O.O)/ →♡

He changed a gesture in his part like sending a signal to someone.  She changed a gesture in her part, too.


7. Deleted search terms

do sojin

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When the members got associated with other female idols on Naver related search, they never got deleted, but “D.O-Sojin” got deleted. Is EXO D.O really dating Girls’ Day Sojin? Numerous pieces of evidence supporting the relationship between D.O and Sojin submitted, including how both were seen wearing a matching couple ring. This rumour actually came out months ago. I wonder whether that is coincidental.