SolBin of Laboum Troubled by Plagiarism Aroused from Birthday Ad

It’s such a pleasurable experience for celebs and idols to have their fans post their pictures on the bus or subway advertisement section on certain occasions like a birthday. Those can be visual proofs of how much fans love their idols and also, it can serve as an advertisement though it did not intend to.

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However, such amazing moments can turn into a nightmare in a snap of a finger. The snap can be given by someone who you’ve never thought of bothering or even literally thought of.

SolBin of Laboum got a subway ad filled with congratulations and her photos for her birthday. In order to prove that she saw what the fans did for her, she took a picture in front of it. Until then, she would have never imagined what the picture would bring.

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Solbin Instagram

After she posted the picture taken in front of the ad on her Instagram, fans of Woo JinYoung, a trainee from Produce 101, asked her to delete the post since the ad resembled too much with the ad of Woo JinYoung. Some fans even said that the ad was plagiarizing and it’s against the law.

SolBin, SolBin of Laboum, Laboum, Produce 101 SE2, SolBin Instagram Controversy, SolBin Plagiarism


Fans of SolBin became speechless by the response and comments from fans of Woo JinYoung. They say that SolBin’s ad wasn’t made for commercial purposes, so asking her to delete the photo and calling it a plagiarism have done nothing but to hurt her feelings.

Plagiarism can be a serious issue in copyrights. It is true, however, that some fans do need to be careful about choosing their words on asking something to be taken down. 

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VIXX’s Leo Having Physical Touch With Fan Came Under Controversy

JELLYFISH Entertainment officially announced the feedback about all the rumors and controversies on VIXX Leo having private relationship with fan.

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Should there be somewhere idols and their fans aren’t allowed to be closer any more? How far will it be? 

A few days ago, several photos including VIXX’s Leo and a woman were released on the Internet. What’s different from just another photos here is, in the pictures, Leo is consoling his arms around the woman’s shoulders and looking into her eyes so closely. In addition, Leo’s fans claimed that the woman is the homepage master, who owns and operates the fans’ homepage. What upsets fans is Leo is having special, private relationship with a fan who originally shouldn’t be treated differently from just another fans of Leo.  

After the pictures are released, some netizens told that this is the obvious discrimination on fans of Leo. Here are those problematic photos.


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leo, leo hompage master, leo fan, leo fan date, leo private relationship, leo private fan, vixx, vixx leo, leo 2017,


Too many stories and guesses were made on these photos, and eventually, JELLYFISH Entertainment, where VIXX belongs to, announce their official feedback. They admitted that woman was a fan of Leo and Leo already was aware of her having wrong behaviors and being eliminated from official fan club. Besides, they announced that it is not true that two of them made a meeting intentionally. According to their explanation, the woman without any permission to enter the supporting program for musical “Mata Hari“, where Leo play a role just appeared all of sudden. Thus, Leo had difficulty restraining her entrance there and made her get out there by making those physical affections. 

Even though the official feedback was given, fans’ tempers seem not to cool down. The main reason mostly mentioned among fans is “how could the idol privately make those physical affection with fans?” and “Finally, the management company admitted there was a private relationship without meaning to be”. Fans are talking about TMI (Too Much Information) on the feedback from JELLYFISH Entertainment. There’s no need to be so detailed, and fans get disappointed by acknowledged facts from the company. 


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Wanna One Ong SeongWoo’s Pictures Of Clubbing Arouse Controversy

As past pictures of Ong SeongWoo in club, netizens point out several controversial problems.

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Ong SeongWoo got huge fans while appearing in Produce 101 SE2 for his perfect looks, humorous character, and a sincere attitude. Was that a reason for all these controversies? After some pictures capturing him in club and pub were released by someone, fans came confused. Even some of them insisted that Ong SeongWoo went to club when he was banned to go there because he was minor. How did this happen? Because a picture that include Ong SeongWoo with a woman whose face is concealed in club was revealed. Two of them are close together and location of posting shows that they were in a club obviously. However, there are no certain evidence to prove Ong SengWoo went to club when he was minor. Also, the other picture including girls and boys with Ong SeongWoo drinking a alcohol in a pub didn’t show any information related to ‘under age’ issue. Despite of all these situations, netizens seem disappointed by him clubbing or hanging out with girls. But what is important and people need to focus is that Ong SeongWoo is not under age anymore and nothing illegal are seen in those pictures. Anyway, fans’ expectation toward Ong SeongWoo seems quiet heavy on him.


Ong SungWoo, Wanna One


Ong SungWoo, Wanna One

Nate Pann

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