EXID will be having their comeback on April 10th, without their lead vocal, SolJi.

SolJi of EXID, Will Not be Joining the Comeback

Banana Culture Entertainment

Banana Culture Entertainment officially stated that EXID will have their comeback without SolJi, for she has to take rest to recover her health. It would be only LE, JungHwa, Hani and HyeRin on the stage for this album’s stages.

Although fans are worried of SolJi’s health, they are not worried at all about having empty space of the main vocal. Recently, Hani proved her beautiful voice in her own corner in Pikicast, one of the famous Korean variety app. Also, HyeRin surprised the public in “King of Masked Singers” by being a powerful vocalist and and showed great many potentials to sing.

SolJi is currently  recovering from thyroid injuries and is to join her team after she is healed perfectly and until then, there would be only four members on stage.

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