Some ChungHa Fans Are Unhappy With The News Of I.O.I Reunion



After confirmations of I.O.I reuniting and debuting again once more spread throughout the K-Pop community, it has generally been positive news for most people. However, some ChungHa fans are not too happy hearing this.

While everyone who isn’t too happy about it has their own reasons, the general consensus seems to be because ChungHa fans are fans of her because of her solely, and not because of her activities in I.O.I in the past. Many fans have even stated that they were hoping that the past be forgotten.

Others have stated that ChungHa has now finally made a solid name for herself as a soloist, and it might actually be counter-desirable for her career to rejoin a group that was of the past.

chungha comments


“ChungHa, why are you rejoining.”

“She needs to get rid of that I.O.I image.”

“Please, this isn’t because we have anything against the other members of I.O.I.”

“To be honest, I’m confused and anxious because I became a fan after she went solo.”



Are ChungHa fans being reasonable? If you’re a fan as well, feel free to share how you feel about ChungHa rejoining I.O.I.


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