Some K-Pop idols and celebrities just don’s seem to be aware how famous they are.

Not only are some celebrities oblivious to their immense popularity, some don’t even realize how attractive they are as well, unaware that it they step out in the public looking the way they do, they’ll surely turn more than several heads.

Such was the case with former X1 member Kim YoHan, who was recently spotted taking taking public transportation. The extremely tall idol was seen inside the subway all by himself. A fan uploaded a photo with the captions:

"Kim YoHan in front of me."

Some Fans Spotted Kim YoHan Taking Public Transportation



Perhaps idols taking the subway now and then is something that’s trending in the scene?

For fans who have been hoping to see Kim YoHan active again in the spotlight, they will soon be getting their wish as it has been confirmed that he will be starring in ‘School 2020'.

Stay tuned for updates!

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