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South Korean netizens and K-Pop fans have recently been talking about ITZY member Lia's dance skills.

And of course, what usually happens in online communities when talking about idol group members and their skills usually ends up leading to a conversation about the visuals as well.

The most common way it plays out is basically having a few people saying that it's okay for some idols to be a little less skilled in both singing and dancing if they have the visuals to make up for it.

In the current debate, netizens who have been defending Lia have been saying that she gets a free pass because she has good visuals. On the other hand, there are other netizens who are saying that she doesn't have visuals that are good enough to allow her to have leniency, adding that she needs to step her game up and practice harder.

Below are a few clips of ITZY's dance practice. You can check them out and decide for yourself.

What are your thoughts on Lia's dancing skills?



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