Song HyeKyo’s Recent Interview Causes Major Misunderstanding

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Song HyeKyo’s Recent Interview Causes Major Misunderstanding

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Many netizens are currently saying that actress Song HyeKyo fancies herself as a real-life princess.

Netizens have been saying she’s caught the “princess disease” (공주병) a term used in South Korea to describe the behavior of women who think of themselves as a princesses in a pretentious and narcissistic manner.

And the timing of all this couldn’t have been any worse as she recently just went through a divorce with actor Song JoongKi, whom she had been married to for nearly two years.

Furthermore, we really can’t believe how some of these netizens have the audacity to speak so negatively of Song HyeKyo as she is fitting more than anyone else to actually be compared to a real-life princess.

But moving on to the point, how on earth did this happen?

It all had to do with a recent interview she did with Hong Kong Tatler in Monaco. The way her answers to some interview questions were translated didn’t exactly catch the exact nuance of what she really meant.

For example:

interview question

Hong Kong Tatler

According to an interpreter who was present during the time of the interview stated that what Song HyeKyo’s response to the question actually meant was that many people who had the chance to wear a tiara would probably feel like a princess in that moment.

Clearly, there’s a difference between “When I wear a tiara, I feel like I’m a princess” and “When wearing a tiara, I feel that it would be a moment where most people would have the chance to feel like a princess.”

song hyekyo tiara

Nate News

The interpreter also spoke of how she initially felt anger after discovering that the interview that was released omitted certain questions and answers. The interpreter stated that it was unfortunate that some other things that Song HyeKyo revealed about herself such as preferring to dress herself in a simple manner wasn’t published in the interview when asked about what type of jewelry she prefers to wear.

Hopefully, netizens won’t be influenced into thinking that Song HyeKyo is someone who has the “princess disease” as she is a talented and kind-hearted actress who is much more than just a pretty face.

Here is the link to the original interview.


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Love you from myanmar, Dear Hye Kyo, fighting. ???

Aer Tarbwij
Aer Tarbwij

She call herself a princess right after her ex husband dump and divorced her, seriously something is wrong with that princess. She definitely need some time off from the media for sure.


That whole princess thing was a deliberate mistranslation by Korean media to make her look like a villian because she’s choosing to move on with her life.


To be honest, who are you to judge her? Do you know what is going on in their relationship? No, you don’t, no one does. So stop judging her from what you hear online.


They’re trying to make her look like she did something wrong… smh