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Song JoongKi and Song HyeKyo are top Hallyu actors and they -the SongSong couple- got married in 2017.

As both actors are coming back this year, they are interesting many. To be precise, Song HyeKyo is coming back with "Encounter" and Song JoongKi with “Asadal Chronicles”.

In the middle of the interest the public is giving them, their childhood pictures draw attention. On an online community, a picture of the two actors in their childhood was released. In the picture, both are wearing a kindergarten uniform.

It seems that they knew each other since this young age, it seems so real that it is misleading. It is actually a fan-made picture! This picture is actually Song HyeKyo's childhood picture where a fan photoshoped Song JoongKi's young face picture.

Song JoongKi And Song HyeKyo Knew Each Other Since They Were A Child?

Online Community

The picture is well-made, they look adorable even if the picture is made up.

Do you like the fan's picture? Are you excited for their return to the small screen?


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