Song Song Couple from the Drama “Descendants of the Sun” Getting Married!

I don’t know whether to call this a good news or a heart breaking news, but here’s the fact. Song HyeKyo and Song JoongKi, two actors who have shown great chemical flow in the drama “Descendant of the Sun” is getting married FOR REAL.

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Song HyeKyo, Song JoonKi, Marriage, Scandal, Korean Couple

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Both of their entertainments have officially stated that the couple is going to get married on this coming October 31st! There have been a lot of rumors and scandals that the two actors were dating, however, the actors themselves and the entertainment have continuously denied so.

The first scandal started by a Korean student studying in New York, reporting that he saw two of them shopping in New York holding each other’s hand. The second big news was when a “Section TV”, a Korean entertainment news program have spotted the couple in Bali. Both rumors were extinguished as the actors answered “We are good friends and we tend to hang a lot with the staffs in Descendants of the Sun. I guess it’s because of the influence of the drama that people see us as a couple. “

However, where there is smoke, there is always a fire. The couple, after several denials of their courtship, reportedly said that they were getting married!! 

Fans feel the mixture of happiness and sadness for the couple. It’s really a delightful news that the lovely couple is getting married but, it is sad that our goddess and ideal dream guy is no long single. 

The photos of the two actors when they were babies are being issued again because those pictures do tell a little bit about how their baby is going to be. Though we cannot imagine a clear picture, we do know, whether it’s a son or daughter, the baby is going to be beautiful.

Song HyeKyo, Song JoonKi, Marriage, Scandal, Korean Couple

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Anyways, though we might feel upset about feelings of ideal man and woman being gone, let’s all cheer for the great descendants who are to be married on October! 

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Netizens Catche Song HyeKyo And Song JoongKi On a Date

K-netizens are buzzing about rumored dating relationship of Song HyeKyo and Song JoongKi.

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The netizen boards have been lighting up in the last few days over dating rumors involving Hallyu superstar Song HyeKyo and Song JoongKi. Reportedly Song HyeKyo was recently spotted by eagle-eyed fans arriving at a super-market with Song JoongKi and the two did grocery shopping. Furthermore, a netizen claimed that the two were spotted shopping together in a clothing store in New York. 

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This dating gossip is currently unsubstantiated and unconfirmed but is gaining lots of traction in ways that lend some credence to its possible veracity. Because the two hallyu stars have been wrapped around in a dating scandal since the filming of a drama “Descendants of the Sun,” when the two were spotted sporting matching ‘couple’ items like a braceletes.

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Rumors that Korean actors Song HyeKyo and Song JoongKi are dating, reported Monday, have prompted members of the public to highlight her previous “romances” with other stars Jo InSung and HyunBin. Song HyeKyo achieved her breakthrough success in the 2013 drama series “That Winter, the Wind Blows,” as the on-screen love interest of Jo InSung. After that, she acted in her second hit drama series “Descendants of the Sun,” opposite Song JoongKi. Fans swooned over the love scenes in “That Winter, the Wind Blows” between Song and Jo. Chinese media reported in April 2013 that the two had been dating for the past two months, which Jo’s agency lambasted as “ridiculous and 300% false.” Song’s agency also credited the “groundless rumors” to the popularity of “That Winter, the Wind Blows” in China. 

Congrats if it’s true. He’s the only guy I thought she had chemistry with out of all her drama OTPs.

Video )) Song JoongKi & Song HyeKyo Kissing Scene

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