SooYoung, SeoHyun and Tiffany Leave SM, What Holds for SNSD’s Future?

SNSD has celebrated their 10th year anniversary and had their comeback with “Holiday Night.” Their comeback this year was something of legendary since it reminded people and fans of the group’s reputation and work of 10 years. 

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SM Entertainment

However, though the group seemed to have no trouble during their comeback, the issue of resigning the contract with SM rose to surface and drew attention.  Resigning the contract was not the problem of fiscal matters anymore to SNSD members. It was not the matter of trouble between members. They’ve earned enough and went along well enough for 10 years. 

It was about continuing their 10 years of reputation or taking different paths and start a 2nd life in their career. 

As a result, SooYoung, SeoHyun and Tiffany did NOT resign the contract with the entertainment, while TaeYeon, YoonA, YuRi, Suuny and HyoYeon stayed. SM entertainment has officially stated that SNSD will not be disbanded, however, that does not mean that the eight girls would perform as one. Though the group may exist, the members will not be the same. Also, there is still a chance that the official statement can change. Groups such as 2NE1, Kara, 4MINUTES, SISTAR and miss A have all gone through disbandment recently. It wouldn’t be considered strange if SM reports the group’s disbandment tomorrow. 

Complex feelings overwhelmed fans as they heard the news. They understand the three girls  leaving and the five girls staying and they’ve all made their own choices. However the feeling of lost still existed. Fans say, whether the group disband or not, the legendary group and the years they’ve spent would forever live in the memories. 

SooYoung and SeoHyun are both currently shooting dramas. What holds for their future of SooYoung and SeoHyun after their drama is still unknown, and same goes for Tiffany.  

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YoonA of SNSD Keeps Her Promise with Im SiWan and Visits the Army

It’s a mandatory duty for Korean man to serve a certain time in the military. During their service, guests may visit them shortly. However those who actually visit the army are very limited. Since the camps are in far deep provinces, only family members, best best friends or girl friends visit them. Even family members don’t really visit them after sometimes have passed.

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Among the celebrities who went to serve the army, Im SiWan was the latest celeb to join. His current broadcasting drama “The King Loves” was all filmed before broadcast, so he was able to join the army although we still see him on TV.  

YoonA , on “Happy Together” spoke about her drama and her promise to SiWan when he goes to the army. She promised Siwan to visit him during his service with other actors and staff. Her promise may seem nothing much, but it’s really a big deal to be visiting someone in service.

So, Do you think she kept her promise?

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Kim JungWook Instagram

YoonA and the the drama staff, including Hong JongHyun, Oh MinSeok an other actors have visited SiWan in his army camp and they have posted a picture to prove it! It is known that the staffs, actors and actresses keep in touch with each other because they’ve got so close during their filming.

Though dramas take a long time to shoot, not all crews get together so well even after the drama is finished. Well, guess  “The King Loves” crew really had a great vibe during their shoot. 

Im SiWan will be released from the army in 2019, April. Until then! Fans, write him some letters to cheer him up!

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Jessica Carefully Speaks Up about SNSD and Her Thoughts

Jessica has spent 10 years of her life as a member of SNSD. She decided to stand solo after ten years of performing as a group, as artist Jessica. 

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Jessica Official Twitter

After she got out of SNSD, questions poured on every interview about her and SNSD whenever she was on presses. She did not speak much about it and kept quiet. Fans understood her and gave her time before she said anything, and now, she spoke up about SNSD on one interview. 

To the question of what SNSD has meant to her, she carefully and simply answered, The Valuable. “They were valuable people, and the time performing as SNSD is priceless. It is the unerasable memories of my golden years of life. How can I forget anything, when we went through everything beautiful and hard all together.” 

What worries the fans more are not the personal feelings each have towards each other. What worries the fans is the collision between the two, starting from having the 10th-anniversary come back at the same period to SM’s unnecessary interventions. Jessica and SNSD are having their fan meeting ON THE SAME DATE, TIME, and PLACE.

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Jessica Official Twitter / SM Ent.

Jessica is having her fan meeting on August 11th, 7:00 p.m at Lotte Tower Basement F1 while SNSD is having their fan meeting on the same day, same time at Lotte Mall Floor 7 Cine Plus. This isn’t something we call a coincidence. This is manipulation and awkward collision.  Both fans of SNSD and Jessica says that it was pathetic of the entertainment to set up such schedule. 

Some fans support Jessica of standing on her on and keep going her way as a solo artist, while others criticize her for living in the glory of SNSD and earn money all to herself. 

Well, for what it’s worth, Jessica should be standing on her own as an artist regardless of who says what and SNSD should go on their way just like they have for 10 years. If then, the fans will be left with double the good music and performances!  

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