SooYoung of SNSD Chosen as the First Host of SNL Korea

SooYoung of SNSD was selected as the first host of SNL Korea Season 9, aired on March 29th at 9:20 p.m.

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Tiffany, a member of SNSD, was on SNL Season 7 and gave a big laugh to the audience. SooYoung said that she has watched Tiffany having fun on the program and wanted to be on SNL as well.

Staffs of SNL said that SooYoung was eager to try different characters even though the characters may make her look goofy. She was known to be funny and variety programs, and fans believed that she would show the playful side of her to act out goofy roles in SNL.

Because she is so talented in diverse areas, fans expect to see her more, not only in variety programs or talk shows, but also in dramas and stages, where she mainly belongs to.

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Jung KyungHo Receives Only Love From His Girlfriend, SNSD’s SooYoung

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, Jung KyungHo gave an inside look to the love between his girlfriend and him.

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Jung KyungHo was featured on the Cosmopolitan’s February issue for an interview and photoshoot. During the interview, he was asked when he felt that he was really in love. He responded, “Many times. I feel it all the time.”

He continued, “I’ve been raising two dogs for two years now. They only look at me. They only look at me without looking at other things.” He then opened up to an inside look to the love he feels with his girlfriend, SNSD’s SooYoung, by saying, “Of course, whenever I’m with SooYoung, they only look at her.”

They say that pets learn from their owners, and netizens are head over heels for the long term couple. They’ve also found a funny, yet loving comment that KyungHo had left on SooYoung’s Instagram. The post was of the idol cooking with her sleeves rolled up. The actor commented, “I told you that your sleeves will stretch if you roll them up like that, didnt I?…..”

The two stars have been dating since early 2013, when they met together at a church meeting.


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SooYoung’s Instagram


SNSD’s SooYoung to Participate in a Charity Bazaar

SNSD’s member SooYoung will be holding a charity bazaar and concert.

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On 13th, SooYoung will be holding “Beaming Effect” charity bazaar and concert at SMTOWN THEATRE Samsung-dong,Seoul. All profits from the bazaar, along with the kakaostory funding project that’s being done since December 20th, will be donated.

In the bazaar, that will be held from 3-5PM, there will be items like eco bag SooYoung herself designed, and personal items like shoes and clothes that SooYoung herself owned. “SMile”, composed of SM Entertainment employees, will also participate in this bazaar.

“Beaming Effect Charity Concert” that will be held from 8PM onwards is a concert to thank those who participated in the kakaostory funding and also to thank those who participated in the bazaar. Various artists, including Yoon DoHyun, Eric Nam, SNSD’s Tiffany, musical actor Kim JaeBum, and Choi SooJin, will be making talent donations,

SooYoung’s Kakakostory Funding project has started last December, and will continue till February 10th. Supports from the funding project and all profits from the bazaar will be donated.

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