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K-Pop idol SoRi, former member of CocoSori before the group's disbandment, has recently uploaded a message to fans on Instagram hinting that she may not stay in the K-Pop industry much longer.

She has also released her third solo single 'I Am Not Alone' recently.

In the message to fans, SoRi discusses her opinion about her career and the current circumstances surrounding it. She states that she feels she doesn't have enough of what it takes to take the next step forward and also reveals that the budget for the 'I Am Not Alone' MV was tight as well. And the most heart-breaking of all is how she adds that 'I Am Not Alone' may be her last single.

You can listen to her message below.


And below is the MV for 'I Am Not Alone'.

Sweetnotes, how do you feel about SoRi's recent message? Doesn't it seem a little too early for SoRi to be contemplating about calling it quits?


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