South Buyers Club

On August 2nd, South Club sat down for an interview with E News.

During that time ex-member of WINNER, Nam TaeHyun shared his current wishes he has.

South Club's Nam TaeHyun Wants Recognition For His Music Instead Of An Ex-Member WINNER

South Buyers Club

He revealed that ever since he had left WINNER, he had been through many and after establishing South Club, he wants his fans to recognize him for this music instead of an old member of WINNER. He continued by emphasizing that he hopes that South Club will grow in recognition for their music.

Other members Kang KunKoo and Chang WonYoung shared that they were not used to listening to K-Pop and did not know who Nam TaeHyun was at first. They met through a mutual friend and clicked almost immediately because of their similar style in music and taste. As such, they ended up wanting to work with him.

Nam TaeHyun also revealed the difference when he was still in YG Entertainment as after he had established his own company, he had to do everything by himself. He also shared that he wants to become a company where he could recruit other artists and have influence as well. He also jokingly said that he plans to build his head quarters faster than Yang HyunSuk.

Recently, Nam TaeHyun has released a short teaser about their upcoming music video for 'Grown Up' which will be revealed in early August.


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