After rapper Microdot's parents being accused of a scam controversy began spreading like wildfire within the South Korean media, rapper DOK2 too has been going through a similar predicament recently.

A woman who was an acquaintance to the rapper's mother during their middle school years came forth with accusations recently that his mother borrowed around $5,000 on two occasions when her restaurant was failing a few years back. Consequently, an estimate of around $10,000 had been borrowed by DOK2's mother and a South Korean court ordered her to repay a total of around $11,000 in damages.

The rapper appeared on Instagram live to release his statements regarding the current controversy, while also showing his mother speak on the phone about it as well.

One of the statements from him that has been infuriating the South Korean community was

"$10,000 is a mere months worth of lunch money for me."

South Korean netizens who have been appalled by his statement fired back on YouTube comments saying

"For someone who borrowed money, they're acting like they're well off. Your family needed the $10,000 during that time because you guys didn't have it right?"

"You should be grateful that money was lent when your family needed it. Instead of telling them to "come get it", why don't you go apologize and pay back the debt?"

"Is this what hip-hop was all about? You're no different from the other fake rappers who put on a front and pretend to be something that they're not."

"$10,000 during the IMF was worth a lot more than just $10,000."

"Do you know how unpleasant it is to chase after someone who you lent money to? Especially when they won't pay it back?"

"I honestly don't know what mentality he was in when he went live on Instagram. Did he expect to get the support of the people with that kind of answer and explanation?"

"Like mother, like son. I can hear her saying  in the back, "take care of it the way the law requires"

"This is how they repay the people that helped them when they were in trouble?"

How do you feel about DOK2's comment?


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Nov 28, 2018 06:17 am

Trash. Garbage. This guy is an idiot.

Nov 27, 2018 11:05 pm

Seriously does he need to be such a dick..if he doesn't feel HE owes the money fine then just STFU,his mother owes it though unlike the other stories about fraud recently this has already been to court,its not an accusation but a proven case so unless he`s willing for her to be imprisoned he should just pay up for her and shut up..