Exclusive Review:
2019 MONSTA X World Tour
'WE ARE HERE' In Seoul

Kpopmap was invited to
'2019 MONSTA X World Tour 'WE ARE HERE' In Seoul'
on Apr. 14.

A concert full of energy and fun where members showed their endless love for fans.

ShowNu, WonHo, MinHyuk, KiHyun, HyungWon, JooHoney, and I.M are all ready and excited to meet fans from all over the world with 18 cities stop. The group is heading to Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. The group started their third world tour with two dates in Seoul on Apr. 13 and 14. The group mentioned during their press conference, that they were happy and excited to meet MONBEBE and that they prepared a lot for them.

We cover the 4 main points of the concert (Performance, Units, Fandom, and Trivial Talks).


MONSTA X is often the synonym of powerful and energetic performances but they also perfectly managed touching and cute songs. This time the group performed 26 songs (not like 24 in the second world tour) and got the fans high with popular songs -more and less recent- such as 'Shoot out', 'Hero', 'Play It Cool', 'Jealousy', 'I Do Love U', 'Dramarama', 'Spotlight', 'Fallin', 'Alligator', etc. Members had well-prepared the concert and showed to fans that they have mature and professional performance skills.

Members had endless energy throughout the concert. They took on the stage with perfect synchronization, adorable teamwork, impressive dances, great vocals, funny talks, and handsome visuals. The perfect combo to get MONBEBE to scream and enjoy the concert at the fullest. For the fans in the seating area, they had a hard time trying to stay put as the atmosphere made them want to stand up and jump too (during a part of the concert, members did ask fans in the 2nd floor to stand up.)

All the members had the chance to show fans their own charms and talents throughout the concert. All the members made us fall in love with their talent. Compared to last year concert, they seemed to have -one more time- upgraded.

The stage effects, background dancers, and fashion of the members were also outstanding. The stylists chose various outfits concepts from cute to sexy.

Last year, fans had a lot of fun during 'Fallin' (also named 'Heavy Rain') as the members were running and jumping on stage while pouring water on the fans and members. This year they upgraded the show with water guns and huge water bottle (HyungWon and JooHoney were completely drenched).

Adding to the fun and clubbing vibes of 'Fallin', this concert had a new part to get fans to jump out their seats with H.ONE DJ Stage and recent song 'Rodeo'. HyungWon -also known as DJ H.ONE- had a special stage to enjoy with fans his talents for DJing. MONBEBE were cheering on him as he put his headset and turned the volume up in the stadium.


Fans enjoy unit songs and indeed there are reasons for this. This time the group showed one more time great unit performance.

MinHyuk, HyungWon, and KiHyun sang on Bazzi's 'Myself' in black suits. The stage was sexy, elegant and sophisticated. They looked perfect with the dandy look with waxed hair and luxurious (looking) suits.

JooHoney and I.M made a huge impact too with their special stage for 'Sam-Bak-Ja'. The rap line made an entrance with a modern/traditional theme with a black and red dominated stage. The two of them also changed their hairstyle for waxed hair pulled on the back. They showed one more time that MONSTA X had skilled rappers with powerful and mesmerizing swag. JooHoney finished the stage by a surprise drum performance under the constant chanting of "Lee JooHeon" by fans.

ShowNu and WonHo had also prepared a lot for their unit with an emotional song with artistic and beautiful mise en scene for 'Mirror'. With their sweet voices, the boys were the opposite: ShowNu in a black lace back top and WonHo in a white crop top.

Fandom and Members Love for MONBEBE

MONBEBE were on fire during the concert and were in possession of the new version of the lightstick (mondoongie) with power bank. With passion, they did fan chants and also were excited with the members until the end.

Members also did not forget to show their love to fans. At the beginning of the concert, HyungWon greeted fan boys and noonas. Throughout the concert, they show their care for fans and especially for the security of those in the standing area.

Also, members distributed signed balls and took photos with the phone of fans in the standing area. Some members also waved fan made slogans with their names.

Their true and endless love for fans could be felt throughout the concert and especially when it was time to finish. The ending of the concert was very touching as members got emotional with long talks and tears. They shared their personal stories. They thanked MONBEBE from the bottom of their hearts. Members highlighted that they were able to stand here all because of MONBEBE. They also mentioned that MONSTA X is one. It is with 'By My Side' that they ended the concert.

Trivial Talks

Concerts are also the right place for fans to have fun with members. Members who are well-known for their humor and fun. They did not disappoint our expectations, the boys were ultra funny! The VCR videos also had much sense and were also hilarious. The public reacted strongly to these.

Special mention to KiHyun who said "Be careful of KiHyun" jokingly several times during the concert. On that day, he might have ruined many bias list. MinHyuk also mentioned that in August when they will go to LA, they promised to meet up with Steve Aoki.

To conclude, MONSTA X did not disappoint with this new tour of high quality and the members are all ready to share their talents and love for MONBEBE all over the world.

We wish MONSTA X a successful world tour.