Mnet "IDOL School" was cancelled on August 10th. Instead of it, students did something special. Aren't you curious?

Students of "IDOL School" made special broadcasting at night on August 10th. It was planned that 5th episode of "IDOL School" is aired on 10th, however, it was cancelled on TV. Rather than, these clever girls chose different ways. On Mnet "IDOL School" official Facebook, 32 students operated online real time broadcasting. You can tell it was "IDOL School" version of "My Little Television" on Facebook. There were 14 different channels simultaneously, fans were set between decision to watch which channel. 

Yoo JiNa and Park SoMyung, who got the nickname 'Ttook Ttakz" for their stiff dancing just like cutting off (it sounds like Ttook Ttak), demonstrated their developed dancing skills with very funny situations. Vocal line members, Lee HaeIn, Shin SiAh and Kim NaYeon, performed a series of dancing and singing with Karaoke concept. There were lots of online broadcasting channels of Lee SaeRom and Song HaYoung, Lee NaKyung and Lee ChaeKyung, and others.

All the students participated in communicating with fans who are reacting toward their channels with comments. They sincerely answered the questions that fans asked or performed whatever fans asked for. In addition, they showed their attractive aspects that couldn't be aired in "IDOL School" and released behind stories. Fans are welcoming students boasting one another's chemistry.

Meanwhile, the next episode of "IDOL School" will be aired on next Thursday, August 17th on Mnet.


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