Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We would like to express deep gratitude to the fans for their interest and love for our artists.

We have forewarned legal action against false information, malicious slander, sexual harassment, and libelous postings concerning our artists. We collected false information, sexual harassment, insults, and serious defamation postings that have been circulating online and on social media through active reporting and self-monitoring.
We also have appointed law firm Ius&Lex and law firm Sejong to be responsible for the case and filed a complaint against some of them to Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on July 4th.

The suspects, who wrote malicious postings through investigation by the investigative agency, have been identified, some of which have now been sent to the prosecution in the opinion of indictment. All identified suspects are expected to be punished according to due process, and in addition to criminal punishment, civil legal action will be taken.

In addition, illegally manipulated photos of Shownu have been circulating online and on social media recently. We will report to the police those who spread the information, including all who initially shared the information first, and will immediately and strongly respond to the law through legal representatives in violation of the special law on the punishment of sexual crimes, and civil damages against the crime of distributing obscene materials and the violation of personal rights under the Information and Communication Network Act.

In the future, we will continue to make every effort to protect our artists from further damage through continuous monitoring, and will continue to take strong, uncompromising legal action.

Thank to our fans for loving and supporting our artists. Please continue to support our artists for protecting their personality and interests.

Thank you once again for all your support for our artists.


STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT’s Legal Response on Recent Artist Events | From STARSHIP



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Where was this protection when it came to Wonho?? No they threw him away. But the other members they will investigate and sue. Such BS.


he shouldn’t have lied to them. they could’ve done better damage control if he was honest. can’t trust a liar


dear, u know what wonho still in their website.. as a member of Monsta X. and they never post officially statement abt wonho termination. wonho still in the artist of starship.. also he’s still in fancafe. and naver is the one who posted abt Wonho’s termination and they deleted. may be it was fake.. so please be positive.. all monbebe fighting for wonho. they named star names wonho and monsta x how much we love him.