Starship Entertainment is launching their very own collaboration project titled, "Vintage Box"!

On Monday, Starship released its first teaser for their first collaboration group - K.Will x Mad Clown. Through their SNS, the company announced "Starship VINTAGE BOX Vol. 1 is launching with K.Will x Mad Clown! 160923 Please look forward to it!" With it, the first teaser featuring an animation girl was released.

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Starship stated, "VINTAGE BOX is a project designed to promote hidden indie artists who have yet to break above grown. Starship artists will be remaking their songs into their own renditions, thus generating a diverse music culture in K-Pop." So far, indie artists Broccoli You Too?, Autumn Vacation, Standing Egg, Acourve, Coffee Boy, Bily Acoustie and more have signed on for the project. The project will also have a special album art feature, where the trendy Kim JungYoon will create a series of illustrations for each project cover.

Starship Launches Their Own SM STATION, "VINTAGE BOX"

Starship Entertainment

The first volume by K.Will and Mad Clown will drop on the 22nd through various music sites. Although the project starts with the two senior company members, fans will be able to look forward to the future VINTAGE BOX collaborations from all Starship artists, such as SISTAR, Boyfriend, Jung GiGo, JooYoung, Yoo SeungWoo, MONSTA X, Brother Su, Cosmic Girls, #Gun and more.

The current trend appares to be company run radio collaborations, as SM has SM STATION, Jellyfish has Jellyfish Box and now Starship launches their VINTAGE BOX. Stay tuned for more amazing music by our Starship artists!

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