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Starship Entertainment will be debuting a new boy group which consists of 9 members in the first half of 2020.

On Feb. 13, it was announced by the agency that they will be launching a new boy group. Currently, they are preparing hard for the new debut and it is said that X1members, Kang MinHee and Song HyeongJun are confirmed to be on the lineup.

Starship To Debut New Boy Group With 9 Members In First Half Of 2020

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It has been 6 years since Starship Entertainment had debuted a new boy group and they mentioned that they will be supporting the new boy group with their best. They also hope that fans will anticipate for the upcoming new group and promise to repay the fans too.

Finally, Starship Entertainment also announced that they will be revealing more details about the new boy group in the near future.

Previously, Kpopmap had covered the 9 male trainees which Starship Entertainment had revealed.

Are you looking forward to their debut?


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