Stellar Deeply Loved by South American Fans

Stellar held two concerts in San Paulo, Brazil, and all of the tickets were sold out.

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Fans of South America came to see them in Brazil and the heat was just unexpectedly hot.

They held concerts as well as fan meetings, and fans seemed to be lured by their distinctive sexy concept.

In the concerts, fans sang along to ‘Marionette’ and ‘Crying’ as well as other 10 songs performed. Stellar as well as their entertainment were surprised by the cheerful atmosphere and the great love fans showed them.

Stellar is known for having their unique sexiness and their concept was not positively accepted in Korea. However, it seems that fans of S.A loved it and are more open to such. 

It has become quite common for idol groups from Korea to be performing mainly in different countries such as Japan and Vietnam, and the heat of KPop seems to be spreading to South America as well.

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SISTAR’s SoYou and DaSom Travels to America for “Battle Trip”

SISTAR’s SoYou and DaSom headed to America.

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According to sources on 14th, SoYou and DaSom headed to USA with KBS2 “Battle Trip” staffs. They left yesterday (13th) night. SoYou and DaSom will be spending Valentine’s Day together for the filming of “Battle Trip”.

Many anticipate for the chemistry SoYou and maknae DaSom will show in their trip together.

KBS2 “Battle Trip” is a program where the hosts go on a trip with a theme. The hosts introduce ways to enjoy the trip. Gugudan’s Kim SeJeong and Kim NaYoung recently conducted filming at Daegu. “Battle Trip” broadcasts every Saturday at 10:40 PM KST.

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EXO to Hold Second North America Tour Soon

Group EXO will be going on a tour in North America in 2017.

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According to sources, EXO will be holding the second North America tour in USA and Mexico in April. Billboard also posted a notice on 11th, “EXO will be performing in Prudential Center on April 25th, and will be visiting Mexico City on 27th, LA on 28th.”

EXO successfully toured North America before last year, visiting Dallas, Vancouver, LA, Chicago, and New York. Many local fans followed EXO from the hotel to wherever they went, showing EXO’s global power again. The second tour will include performances in Mexico for the first time, increasing the level of anticipation from the fans.

EXO is in the midst of performing concerts for third solo tour “EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM”. EXO has successfully finished Japan tour and Hong Kong performances at “AsiaWorld-Expo Arena”.

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