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JYP Entertainment boy group Stray Kids now have their English names, well at least according to Bang Chan any way.

While Bang Chan (Chris) and Felix were the only ones that had an English name, they decided that the rest of the members should have one as well.

Some questionable suggestions have been brought up by Bang Chan including a "Bartholomew". Of course, Bang Chan is a creative individual and strives for unique and artistic qualities in everything he does so the "Bartholomew" suggestion was probably a name that he genuinely put a lot of thought in to for ChangBin. 

Fortunately, ChangBin declined and opted to Lewis instead.

Any how, you can check out the English names of the group below!


And below is the video clip.


What do you think of the group members' English names?


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Oct 17, 2021 12:55 pm

Why BOB!? 😭😭😂🌼❤