Stray Kids SeungMin’s Guide To Passing K-Pop Auditions

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Stray Kids SeungMin’s Guide To Passing K-Pop Auditions

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So how exactly does one become a K-Pop idol?

Given the extremely competitive nature of the industry, fans know that it’s hard enough becoming even just a trainee.

And on top of that, we know stories of how current successful idols were actually turned down by big agencies before they became famous, such as IU who auditioned multiple times for various different agencies as well as BTS member J-Hope who happened to audition for JYP Entertainment in the past as well.

Stray Kids member SeungMin recently gave his two cents and insight in to auditions.

During a live broadcast, SeungMin stated:

“It’s best if you try not to act or pretend like someone else or someone you’re not. Be yourself and show them who you are.”

SeungMin also went on to add another important part about becoming a trainee through auditions. He stated:

“Whether you’re at an interview or an audition, it’s not going to help if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. It won’t last very long and it’s unnecessary.”

In fact, SeungMin was also open to and accepting of the possibility that companies may reject him. But the bottom line was that he went in with the determination to show what he is about and leave it up to the companies to decide for themselves if they see something that they like about him.

You can check out SeungMin’s audition tape below!


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Seungmin is very right and Stan skz y’all cuz they my ult but why audition if u have no talent?