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Netflix Korea recently released a powerful dance performance video by the "Street Woman Fighter" dance crew PROWDMON for their latest original K-Drama "My Name". The dance performance has been captivating fans of the drama since it was uploaded.

"My Name" tells the story of JiWoo, who joinings a gang and tries to infiltrate the police under a false name. She wants to find the person who killed her father and avenge him.

The K-Drama stars Han SoHee and Ahn BoHyun. Both actors were commended for their believable performances, and Han SoHee especially got praise for proving that she can pull off any kind of acting role that is handed to her. You can read about her duality as an actress here

Two entertainment worlds collided when PROWDMON performed a tribute to "My Name" portraying the struggle from the drama storyline. You can watch the video here.

PROWDMON is one of the dance crews that has been gaining a lot of attention on the dance crew survival show "Street Woman Fighter", especially their members Monika and Lip J

Fans of both the survival show and the drama were stunned by the performance, many of them saying that they held their breath whilst watching and could not take their eyes off of the dancers.

Others were amazed by the level of artistry and storytelling the performance held and sang Netflix Korea's praises for creating this masterpiece.

What do you think of the performance? 


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