Stylist Reveals How Sulli’s Airport Fashion Is Put Together



Stylist Reveals How Sulli’s Airport Fashion Is Put Together


Aiport fashion is a big thing for any celebrity. It’s a chance to show off their wardrobe and fashion taste.

Former f(x) member Sulli’s stylist Kim JungYoung recently talked about how she puts together Sulli’s outfit when the star heads to the airport during an episode of Dispatch TV. Kim JungYoung is also the stylist for Goo Hara and girl group Oh My Girl.

Below is one of Sulli’s recent airport fashion outfits which consists of a really cool black mesh jacket styled with some very comfortable looking trainers and sweat pants.



So how does one put together an outfit like the ones Sulli wears to airports? It’s actually a lot easier than you think, as the stylist revealed a few easy to follow tips.

If you’re struggling to put together outfits for this year’s spring season, these easy steps will lend you a hand. In addition, the process can virtually be applied to any process of picking out clothing to put together any outfit for any occasion.

The first step is to pick a concept. If this is already confusing to you, look through a magazine or browse online to see different concepts. In Sulli’s recent outfit, the concept seems to be sportswear.


The second step is to check the texture and quality of the actual pieces in person. This is mainly to determine not just the quality of the clothing but also to see if it would be compatible with the weather as well.

And the final step is to make sure you’ve picked at least three outfits. The reason for this is because it’s easier than trying to put together just one outfit with so many choices available. If you pick three that you like, and compare them, you can then see what you really like, what works and what doesn’t, and and just select the pieces for the final outfit.


You can check out the full video below!


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