The Thursday in the second week of November is when university entrance exams (KSAT) is held annually.

From the start of November, cheerful messages fill the streets, gifts for those who are taking test pour out in stores and most noticeable of all, there is an increasing number of worried faces in school or on street. Celebrities, though they aren't exactly related to the test, post words of cheer or comfort before the test day. The words of comfort SuGa of BTS posted in 2015 has been read over and over again by not only BTS' fans but also those who are taking the test because his words were more than honest and full-hearted. 

Since it's not only Korea where students and people take entrance exams around this time, here is a translation of SuGa's cheerful words for those who are facing important exams of their life! 


SuGa of BTS Words of Comfort to People Preparing for Exams


Hi, this is SuGa of BTS. Today is a day before the KSAT, which makes me remember the day I took my entrance exam.

Maybe an year and few days have passed since I came to Seoul alone, while all my famiy was in DaeGu. I had to pack lunch for the test day, but I had no one to do it for me. So, I just decided to buy a row of Kimbap on my way to the exam. 

I laied down to sleep but, of course, I could not. I thought studies did not matter to me that importantly since I have started my life as a trainee. But stil, I felt nervous. I could sleep for few hours, then I heard noises coming from the kitchen. My members were preparing a lunch box for me. 

Though I knew they were packing my lunch I just could not walk out of my bed room. I pretended I was aleep though I really needed to go to the bathroom. Some members even checked on me if I was sleeping well. I acted asleep. 

I was the first to take the KSAT among the members so, guess they were scared as well. They seemed to be more tensed than I did. 

Anyways, the morning came. Members gave me the lunch box with words to cheer me up. I headed early to the place of examination. I was nervous. I word the grey muffler that I used to wear when I first deubted. That muffler was a gift from my mom. The time passed really slowly. I chose to do music since I was seventeen so I didn't really think I'd have anything to do with studying. However, I could not ignore my nervous feelings. 

I cannot imagine how you'd be feeling right now. I was that nervous though the exam wasn't so important for me. Just cannot imagine the tension you guys would go through. There are people who give out chocolates and sweets infornt of the places of examination, so take the sweets. 

Members told me that I MUST HAVE the lunch, so I opened my lunch box at lunch time. Chicken breast, rice, sausages. We were trainees so we did not have any money. They just made the lunch with what there is in our kitchen. After I have filled my tommy fully, I noticed that there were pieces of paper under the lunch box. They were letters memebers wrote. They could not afford to buy a stationary, so they just wrote in a white piece of paper. 

After the exam, as I was walking out, I saw people of my age surrounded by families being comforted, crying and planning what to do as a  celebration. I was walking alone. I read again the letters. I felt so alone. Small thoughts filled my head. I envied the people who went off with their parents. I had to go practice, while they were heading somewhre nice. I wanted to have a meal with my parents too. 

I arrived at the dorm where members were waiting for me. They asked whether the exam was okay. I just answered simply because I still had so many thoughts in my head. 

Days passed. I spent the rest of the year practicing. I spent the first day of the year with my family where there was nothing to see but a wide endless ocean. I felt weird. I though everything would change after I graduate from the status of "highschooler". However, nothing was changed.  Being 20 was nothing special.

What I am trying to say is that, you guy don't have to be in tension and stress so much. Nothing spectacular is waiting for you, and this exam isn't everything in your life. It's just a part of it. It's not a big deal so don't b mean to your parents as well.

You can do great, or you may not get the result you wanted. But it is a test, so I hope you ace it. Sleep tight. Answer with your head focused.

Good Night. 

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