Not long after Sulli and Choiza broke up, Sulli was involved in another love scandals.

Sulli In Another Love Scandal - This Time with G-Dragon


Every time she posted something on her Instagram, it became an issue and gathered people’s attention. This scandal was no exception from previous issues. From her picture, fans caught her wearing a heart shaped ring on the fourth finger. The ring was the same as that of G-Dragon's.

This picture started the fire of G-Dragon and Sulli’s love scandal and there has been many assumptions about their relationship.

Some say that they were in the plane together, heading to Paris for Channel fashion show. Also, there was a picture of her with G-Dragon’s manager. This picture was criticized by many fans, for it was posted when she was in relationship with Choiza and she was sticking too close with the manager. Lastly, they met in an amusement park and took picture together. Although they were with many friends, people still considered it weird.

The latest official comment made by YG Entertainment, says that the rumors were not true at all, and G-Dragon is busy with working for his solo album. Also, they have never met each other after bumping into each other at the amusement park. They said that the rings were gift from a friend who both knew them, and they happen to wear the gift and took photo.

Not many of the fans believed that the rumors were true from the beginning, but people condemned Sulli of being in too many scandals.

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