Sulli was recently criticized by netizens after she uploaded a photo with actor Lee SungMin with the caption 'With SungMin ssi'.

The term 'ssi' is often added at the end of someone's name and used amongst colleagues and peers. But South Korean netizens have been discomforted by Sulli's method of addressing the actor as they feel that they have a big age gap. Lee SungMin is in his fifties.

However, Sulli explained that the actor and herself have been on the same page with addressing each other casually as peers.

She stated:

"When we first met, we decided to be friends, and naturally, Uisung and I address each other as 'ssi's. And likewise, SungMin-ssi, JungEun-ssi, HaeJin-ssi, ChulMin-ssi, SungWoong-ssi, WonHae-ssi. All of us are peers who deeply care for one another. I can handle things on my own. What's up with you guys getting mad."

Sulli Responds After Being Criticized For Calling Actor Lee SungMin 'SungMin Ssi'



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Aug 12, 2019 10:08 pm

good your kind and sexy?