Sulli Talks About What She Hated About Herself



Sulli Talks About What She Hated About Herself



K-Pop idol Sulli recently talked about something that she disliked about herself. But she’s pretty, talented, and perfect, right? What on earth could she not like about herself you might ask.

A short preview of the upcoming TV show ‘Jinri Store’ showed her talking about how she used to hate the name stage name Sulli. Of course, the important thing is that she “used to”, as she pointed out that the editing of the preview was pretty much along the lines of ‘devil’s editing’.

The former f(x) member’s reality TV series is scheduled to air on October 23rd.



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악마의 편집? ㅋㅋㅋ 처음에만 싫었던 거라규?

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