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On October 10th, SunMi held a V-Live session together with her fans. For those who have not seen it, you can do so through the video below.

During that time, she answered questions sent to her by fans and one of them caught her attention.

Previously, Weki Meki's DoYeon danced to SunMi's 'Siren' on MBC 'Idol Room' just a few days ago.


A fan asked if she had seen DoYeon's cover of her song and she actually did! SunMi commented that she had actually seen the clip and was impressed by her. She also felt that DoYeon is really pretty too.

The other day during '2018 Gangnam Festival K-Pop Concert', it was noted that they have also met each other too. SunMi seemed to really like the girls and many fans could not help but anticipate for more interactions between them in the future.

Weki Meki will be coming back on October 11st with "KISS, KISS".

Did you catch the episode of 'Idol Room' with Weki Meki?


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