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Earlier in December, Mnet had released their reality program "Running Girls" which featured 5 female K-Pop idols. They are none other than SunMi, ChungHa, EXID's HaniOH MY GIRL's YooA and LOONA's Chuu.

SunMi Showers LOONA's Chuu With Love After Knowing Each Other On "Running Girls"


It is a show where the idols get to bond together while also sharing various running courses to the viewers. If you have yet to check out the teaser, you can do so below.

It shows the first meeting of Chuu along with the other 4 idols.

Over time, viewers noticed how SunMi appeared to become a fan of Chuu! During the show, she was seen giving advice to the younger idol and also taking care of her too.

On Dec. 23, SunMi had also posted a hilarious photo of Chuu, suggesting that she seemed to have become a fan of her! She had also made use of screenshots of an animation to portray how Chuu was sharing her love to the other 4 members on the show.

Her tweets had definitely caused Chuu's fans to go aww as they love it when they see other idols showering Chuu with such love.

With that being said, many could not wait to see future interactions of Chuu along with them.

Are you also loving how SunMi is showering Chuu with love?


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